12+ Simple Halloween Witch Makeup Ideas

simple halloween witch makeup ideas for girls

Halloween is getting very very close. Are you extremely confused because you don’t know what simple halloween witch makeup ideas to choose to make yourself look impressive and special? Then you are at the right place. We have lots of great makeup ideas for you to check out here.

Simple Halloween Face Makeup Ideas You Must Try

1. Monarch Butterfly Eye Makeup

You only need to make an impression on one side of the face, it looks very attractive already. This cute simple halloween makeup idea will probably be suitable for fairy and beautiful costumes. You will look like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.

cute simple halloween makeup ideas for girls

2. Glam Clown Look

Clowns on Halloween won’t be cute anymore. The long lines on the face, the wide bloody mouth, and the cold, lifeless eyes are sure to give people goosebumps. The makeup below is an example of a scary but still glamorous makeup look.

You can find some more similar makeup models with lots of cuts and gore if you want to increase the scary.

3. Alien Makeup Look

When everyone is dressed up as fairy characters or scary, spooky characters, turning into aliens will be a unique idea. I think this halloween makeup idea won’t be too difficult. And it will be suitable in case your house or around you have many young children.

4. Halloween makeup ideas – Cruella De Vil Look

Not a killer, or a character with extraordinary abilities, but cruella de vil would probably be an interesting character to cosplay as well. Her callousness and cruelty can be vividly displayed through this make-up. Look!

5. Beauty Sparkly Angel Makeup

I think a lot of you want to look beautiful in an angel costume among the scary, villains on Halloween. If you are too, here is one of the cute simple halloween makeup ideas for you. You will love its sparkling beauty.

6. Nostalgic Bratz – Simple halloween witch makeup ideas

We all must have known or been attached to dolls since childhood, right? And if you used to love this character, why not make up like that. The highlight of this makeup style lies in the seductive thick lips.

7. Creative Back In Time Look

Bold variation with makeup style from the 60s. The main highlight is the attractive way of drawing eyeballs that will attract anyone’s attention.

8. Creepy Glam Joker Look 

The joker movie left an unforgettable impression in many viewers’ hearts about the character’s image. If you are impressed with him too, you can try this style of makeup. People will surely be excited and delighted with your appearance.

9. Queen Makeup Look

If you are often overwhelmed by the splendor of queens, this will definitely be a makeup look worth trying on this Halloween. You can refer to other queen makeup style in movies. But here is a suggestion that I find quite interesting. You will look so beautiful and powerful with this halloween makeup idea.

10. Pretty Greek Goddess – Simple halloween face makeup ideas

Every woman is a goddess in her own life. But everyday life makes us forget that, forget our beauty. We are always too busy. Therefore, what are you waiting for. This Halloween, make up as a pretty greek goddess so everyone can see your splendor.

11. Impressive Scary Haunting Ghost

Yes, actually, I won’t forget the common theme of Halloween’s masquerade, which is spooky, scary and deadly. Hence I have prepared for you this amazing makeup recommendation. You can make your acquaintances scream in fear and run away. LOL!

12. Fancy Fluttery Fairy Look

Knowing how to apply makeup is truly a blessing. You can transform into any character you want. Try to be a fluttery fairy this Halloween night.

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13. Scary Good Scarecrow For Halloween

This is probably one of the simplest makeup looks for this Halloween. The puppets in the field that help keep the crows away are cute and useful. But perhaps this Halloween, they will be associated with a haunting image. With just a few simple strokes, you will have a scary shape right away.


I have compiled a lot of simple halloween witch makeup ideas from gentle and beautiful to scary, ghostly. Which one would you like to learn? I believe on that day, you will look amazing and have a memorable Halloween. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a loved one, be sure to check out all of our gift collections here: 9teeshirt

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