17+ Cute Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Cute Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

You want to find cute cheap Christmas gift ideas for your family because you don’t have much time and money to prepare them right now.

Then check out our following article. It is not too difficult to come up with a gift idea for the family because it is important to be together.

Hopefully the following suggestions will help you choose the right gift.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

1. Bluetooth Speaker

Your family needs a bluetooth speaker to be able to listen to “Merry Christmas” together that night. Listen to music and enjoy dinner together. Cheap christmas gift ideas for family everyone likes.

Bluetooth Speaker

2. Heated Car Blanket

Car heating blankets are cheap family christmas gift ideas that anyone can use. The weather was too cold even though they were inside the car. So this blanket is essential every time someone drives out.

Heated Car Blanket

3. Handwritten Bracelet

Show your love for each family member with this handwritten bracelet. Their names are handwritten and the craftsman will engrave that handwriting on each member’s bracelet.

Cute cheap christmas gift ideas and very meaningful.

Handwritten Bracelet

4. Body Massager

This machine will help every member of the family feel comfortable. Just lie on it and it will give you a full body massage. A feeling of relaxation immediately followed.

Body Massager

5. Waffle Machine – Cute Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Your whole family loves delicious waffles. With this machine from now on there is no need to go out and buy them. Enjoy waffles at home together.

Waffle Machine

6. Cotton Candy Making Machine

Children are always interested in sweet things. Cotton candy is not only sweet but it is also very beautiful. You can freely make many colors for this cotton candy. Enjoy the results with the kids.

Cotton Candy Making Machine

7. Neck Pillow – Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

The pillow that everyone needs because it is very often used. Choose for each family member their favorite color. It will help you sleep better on every long trip.

Neck Pillow

8. Family Sweater – Cheap Family Christmas Gift Ideas

During this Christmas season, the whole family should dress up in family clothes and take a set of emotional photos together. Make a big picture and hang it in the living room.

Family Sweater
A mothers group and their kids celebrate the holiday taking a portrait wearing “ugly” Christmas sweaters, throwing confetti into the air.

9. Air Purifier

The world is developing day by day, but with it comes air pollution. Your whole family will limit air pollution when staying indoors with this air purifier. It minimizes lung diseases for everyone.

Air Purifier

10. Pan

A beautiful and non-stick new pan for a Christmas gift. Delicious dishes will be born from here. Enjoy delicious food together with this non-stick pan.


11. Versatile Wooden Shelf

This wooden shelf can be used by anyone in the family. It helps everyone’s belongings when they go out more neatly. And they also don’t take long to find their things when preparing to go out.

Versatile Wooden Shelf

12. Multifunction Charger

Each person in the family has their own electronic device, so a lot of different charging cords is inevitable. The house becomes cluttered with them.

Don’t worry because there is this universal charging cord that can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Multifunction Charger

13. Beanie

Hand-knit each member of his family a beanie. They are identical in style but in a variety of colors for them to choose from. Team them up and make a commemorative photo right away.


14. Family Puzzle

A picture where the whole family sits together to put them together into a complete picture. It symbolizes that each member is an indispensable piece to become a family.

Family Puzzle
Top view of a family assembling puzzle on the floor at home.

15. Golf Practice Net

It comes with a carrying bag, golf mat, a tee stand, five golf balls, a net and three goal bags. Everyone can practice all of their strokes and spins from the comfort of their own home together.

Golf Practice Net

16. Fishing – Rod

For this holiday, the whole family goes fishing by the lake together. Spend more time with family and test everyone’s perseverance.

Fishing - Rod

17. Custom Picture Blanket

If you live far away from your family, this blanket can help them feel like you’re holding them in your arms, no matter where you are. Print a picture of you or your whole family on this blanket.

Custom Picture Blanket


Did the above cute cheap christmas gift ideas help you choose a suitable gift for your family? If you are still looking for a few more suggestions, you can visit our website 9teeshirt. It certainly won’t disappoint you. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas together.

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