17+ Christmas Gift Ideas For A Big Family

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Big Family

Christmas gift ideas for a big family are not too difficult to find, so you don’t have to worry. You can choose gifts for the whole family to share or small gifts for each person. Check out some of our suggestions below. They will certainly help you.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Big Families

1. Karaoke

A karaoke set for the whole family can become a family singer together. It’s fun when the whole family can sing together their favorite songs. Christmas gift ideas for big families can’t miss this gift.


2. Body Massager

This machine can help everyone feel comfortable after a long day of studying and working. You don’t need to go to the spa, you can completely get a massage right at your home.

Body Massager

3. Air Purifier

The earth is currently facing the problem of air pollution. So christmas gift ideas for a big family is this air purifier. It helps to clean the air in the room to reduce respiratory diseases.

Air Purifier

4. Custom Puzzle

Make a special picture from puzzle pieces. It is like a toy that children often play with, but in this picture the whole family can put them together to create more meaning.

Custom Puzzle

5. Instant Camera

This camera offers something new than an ordinary camera. The whole family can take pictures and get them right after. It is interesting to everyone.

Instant Camera

6. Bluetooth Speaker

Your family needs a bluetooth speaker to be able to listen to “Merry Christmas” together on that Christmas Eve. Listen to music together and enjoy a nice dinner together.

Bluetooth Speaker

7. Handwritten Bracelet

Show your love for each family member with this handwritten bracelet. Their names are handwritten and the craftsman will engrave that handwriting on each member’s bracelet.

Handwritten Bracelet

8. Sweater – Christmas Gift Ideas For A Big Family

You can knit each family member an identical sweater. Or if you don’t have enough time, you can buy it outside. The whole family will wear it and take a commemorative photo.


9. Custom Picture Blanket

If you live far away from your family, this blanket can help them feel like you’re holding them in your arms, no matter where you are. Print a picture of you or your whole family on this blanket.

Custom Picture Blanket

10. Waffle Machine

Your whole family loves delicious waffles. With this machine, from now on, there is no need to go out to buy. Enjoy waffles together at home whenever you like.

Waffle Machine

11. Walkie Talkie

This walkie-talkie could be the perfect gift for making games like chess or hide-and-seek a lot more fun. The whole family can use this radio to talk back and forth and plan outings.

 Walkie Talkie

12. Projector – Christmas Gift Ideas For Big Families

The projector allows the whole family to enjoy a favorite movie together. Turn your home into a mini movie theater with popcorn and accompanying snacks.


13. Gym Set

So that the whole family can practice together at home. Workout together for good health without having to go to the gym.

Gym Set

14. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are very popular these days and your family should need one too. It can go to the charging dock and vacuum clean on its own without your control.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

15. Set Of Cooking Pots

It’s time to get a new set of pots and pans in the kitchen. Beautiful cooking utensils also inspire better cooking and produce delicious dishes.

Set Of Cooking Pots

16. A Tour

Why not take this holiday time with the whole family to travel together. The whole family will become more connected. You can check out more gift ideas through our 9teeshirt website.

A Tour

17. Meal

How long has it been since you cooked a meal for your loved ones yourself? So this time, cook for the whole family with their own favorite dishes.



Hope the above Christmas gift ideas for a big family helped you find the right gift. We think the important thing is not the gifts, but that the family can be together these holidays after a long year of work and study. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas together.

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