17+ Large Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Large Family Christmas Gift Ideas

The following article will suggest you large family christmas gift ideas. Every year, you always give the best gifts to your family.

And this year you want to find a few more ideas because you don’t want those gifts to overlap. Check out some of our suggestions below.

Hope these suggestions will help you choose the right gift for your family.

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Family

1. Dream Trap

Dream Trap is very famous thanks to a Korean movie. It is said that just hanging it on the window will banish your nightmares.

Christmas gift ideas for a family give each family member a dream trap so they can sleep well every night.

Dream Trap

2. The Dinner

Making your own dinner is gift ideas for a family for christmas. Make a hearty dinner with dishes the whole family loves. Then enjoy them and listen to “Merry Christmas”.

The Dinner

3. Nasa Lamp

This lamp is so unique to make a decoration in your family living room. These ideas for christmas gifts for families are perfect for a family that loves the space station.

Nasa Lamp

4. Hoodie

For Christmas this year, have your whole family wear the same hoodies. Let’s take pictures together to save this memorable moment.


5. Fishing – Rod

On this holiday, the whole family goes fishing together. This will help all family members bond with each other more. Spend time with your family because family is the most important.

Fishing - Rod

6. Car Heating Blanket

In this winter weather it is very cold to move outside. So the large family christmas gift ideas that everyone needs when going out is this heating blanket. People will need them when driving out.

Car Heating Blanket

7. Family Picture From Puzzle Pieces

Just send your family photo to the maker and you have a special gift to give to your family. Then let’s put it together to complete this meaningful picture

Family Picture From Puzzle Pieces
Top view of a family assembling puzzle on the floor at home.

8. Toaster

Breakfast of every family member will become faster with this machine. It doesn’t take too long to prepare breakfast anymore.


9. Special Painting

Turn an ordinary picture into a unique family picture with a tree. From root to tip is a photo that corresponds to the age of the family.

Special Painting

10. Reusable Drawing Mat

This reusable drawing mat is perfect for kids who love to draw and parents who are tired of cleaning crayon marks on the walls. The drawing mat also comes with four washable crayons.

Reusable Drawing Mat

11. Golf Net – Ideas For Christmas Gifts For Families

The whole family can practice golf at home whenever they can’t get to the practice range with this golf net. It is convenient and easy to move.

Golf Net

12. Conversation Card

Our Moments conversation cards can spark discussions among family members. This set of cards helps families understand each other better.

Conversation Card

13. Walkie Talkie

This walkie-talkie could be the perfect gift for making games like chess or hide-and-seek a lot more fun. The whole family can use this radio to talk back and forth and plan outings.

Walkie Talkie

14. Projector – Gift Ideas For A Family For Christmas

A projector allows the whole family to enjoy a favorite movie together. Turn your house into a mini cinema.


15. Game Machine

This gaming machine helps the whole family relax after stressful working and studying hours. Playing together brings the whole family closer together.

Game Machine

16. Air Purifier – Christmas Gift Ideas For A Family

The world is developing day by day, but with it comes air pollution. Your whole family will limit air pollution when staying indoors with this air purifier. It minimizes lung diseases for everyone.

Air Purifier

17. Camera – Large Family Christmas Gift Ideas

A camera to capture the sweet moments of his family. There are many different prices and models for you to choose a camera that is right for your family.



What do you think about our large family christmas gift ideas article? Hope you have found the right gift for your family.

If you are still not satisfied with these suggestions, you can refer to our 9teeshirt website for more information. Wishing you and your family a merry and happy Christmas together.

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