17+ Best New Year’s Gifts For Boyfriend

Best New Year's Gifts For Boyfriend

New Year is an opportunity for you to give gifts to your loved ones and indispensable New Year’s gifts for boyfriend.

On each such occasion, you are very confused about choosing the right gift for each person, especially your boyfriend. Don’t worry because we are here to help.

Here are a few of our suggestions for you to consider. Hope these suggestions will help you choose a suitable New Year’s gift for him.

New Year’s Eve Gift For Boyfriend

1. Perfume – New Year’s Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Fill his new year with fragrance with his favorite perfume. You can choose a new year’s eve gift for boyfriend with the scent of his favorite perfume.

Or maybe a few bottles of perfume with different scents so he can change. Maybe he finds a new favorite scent for the new year.


2. Chocolate Bouquet

You know, chocolate is the symbol of Valentine’s Day. So what do you think about a bouquet of chocolate flowers for that person?

An ordinary bouquet is no longer interesting, so give this one a try for Valentine’s Day this year. A new year’s eve gift ideas boyfriend novelty.

Chocolate Bouquet

3. Tablet – New Year’s Gift For Boyfriend

Every year manufacturers release a new tablet model with more features and better design. So new year’s eve gifts for boyfriend give this new tablet.

Help him have a better experience this new year if his old tablet needs to be replaced.


4. Double Bracelet

A really meaningful couple bracelet for new year’s gift for boyfriend to take a new step forward in this new year.

This bracelet is not only an accessory he can wear every day but also makes him always remember you every time he sees it.

Double Bracelet

5. Thermo Mugs

Let him enjoy his favorite drink with enjoyment. When he doesn’t need to rush for fear that the temperature of the drink is no longer in his favorite state.

This mug will help his drink stay at his favorite temperature.

Thermo Mugs

6. Hand Held Coffee Machine

He can enjoy his favorite coffee wherever he goes. New year’s gift ideas for boyfriend with this fresh idea. It’s lightweight so he can take it with him when he goes fishing, climbing, camping, etc.

Hand Held Coffee Machine

7. Heart Print Shorts

Add an accent to his shorts with lots of hearts. New year’s gifts for boyfriend show your love. Countless hearts are like your love for him.

Heart Print Shorts

8. Wine – New Year’s Eve Gifts For Boyfriend

You know, people often give alcohol on New Year’s Day. So give him a bottle of his favorite wine. Maybe an antique bottle of wine for him to display in the house.


9. Game Machine – New Year’s Eve Gift Ideas Boyfriend

Letting his new year with something new is a new game console. It helps him de-stress and you can totally play it with him.

Game Machine

10. Boxing Gloves – New Year’s Eve Gift For Boyfriend

Let his new year be full of new things. Give him a pair of boxing gloves to motivate him to learn a new martial art. It both helps him stay healthy and helps him protect himself.

Boxing Gloves

11. Model House

Make a model of the house he lives in or maybe your future home. New year you wish you and him can live in a dream house together.

Model House

12. Bicycle

This gift will remind him to ride his bike often. For this new year he has a good health to discover more new things. There are many other ideas you can refer to through our website 9teeshirt.


13. Couple Shirts

Wear a couple shirts together and everyone knows you and him are a couple. And let’s take pictures together to celebrate this new year.

Couple Shirts

14. Mystery Gift Box

Give him a gift box of your chosen items. You can choose items such as eyeglasses, belts, watches, etc. It is a set that comes together.

Mystery Gift Box

15. Tie – New Year’s Gifts For Boyfriend

This tie will accompany him to important meetings in his career. It symbolizes your love to help him overcome all difficulties and bring good luck.


16. Dream Trap

This gift will be for someone who often has nightmares every night. It’s very popular through Korean movies and people believe it. We think he will need it.

Dream Trap

17. Heart Money

In Asia, there are some countries where people believe that giving money on New Year’s Day will bring good luck.

More specifically, fold it into a heart shape and give it to him. Leave it in the wallet, luck will surround him all year.

Heart Money


Above are some of our suggestions for new year’s gifts for boyfriend. And hope you found the right gift for him. We think for him, you are the most precious gift that God has given him.

Wishing you and him a blessed and happy new year together.

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