13 Girl Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas

best girl pirate halloween costume ideas

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a real pirate or looked for girl pirate halloween costume ideas when you were a kid? If you have been too busy with life lately, or have forgotten about that dream, now is the perfect time for you to make it happen. Check out some of our suggestions in the blog post below.

Creative Female Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Cool Lusty Pirate Women’s Costume

If you want to go on an exciting adventure in the ocean, this outfit will help you get there in pirate style! You can totally show off your outstanding body curves. Take a look at the loose design of the suit’s wide sleeves, it really looks like a true pirate! The fabric of the suit is also very good and comfortable, you won’t regret buying it.

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2. Queen Of The High Seas Costume

You can wear this outfit on many occasions. It could be Halloween or beach parties or near the beach! Perhaps to many people, pirates are cruel, dirty people who are floating on the sea every day. But to you, they look really cool, right?

This outfit with the dominant black tone brings a mysterious feeling that is sure to make you attractive.

3. Simple Women Pirate Kit

The costume looks so simple, doesn’t it? But don’t be quick to underestimate it, that simple design can make you fully show off the seductive curves on your body. You will become the most attractive pirate of the Halloween party.

4. Sultry Pirate Lady Jacket – Girl pirate halloween costume ideas

The highlight of the outfit lies in the magnificent fur hat. You look like a real strong female ship’s captain.

5. Sexy Spanish Pirate Womens Costume

The feeling of being the captain of a ship floating on the sea is great. When wearing this female pirate halloween costume, your crewmates will obediently obey your orders. You are the most beautiful and powerful woman.

6. Halloween High Seas Captain Costume

Different from the above suggestions, this outfit takes the main black and white tone. It looks simple, but it’s not monotonous. You still look cool and like a powerful captain of a pirate ship with your crewmates. This is one of the most simple female pirate halloween costume ideas.

7. Plus Size Womens Pirate Wench Costume Sexy

Worried about the weight problem will prevent you from choosing the right item. Don’t worry, come to our female pirate halloween costume suggestion and you will become a glamorous female pirate this Halloween.

8. Pirate Maiden Queen – Sexy pirate halloween costume ideas

The outfit consists of a white off-shoulder puffy shirt combined with a brown corset jacket and a magenta hi-low skirt. It would be a mistake if this outfit didn’t have a matching belt and hat and a nice pair of boots. Your job is just to put on a nice suit and go out to sea.

9. Pirate Maiden Womens Costume For Halloween

With this outfit, you will definitely become the sexiest female pirate. Who doesn’t want to join the crew of a beautiful captain, right? You can fully show off your beauty and seductive curves through the sexy cuts of the dress.

10. Lady Womens Vixen Blouse Pirate Costume

When you put on this female pirate halloween costume, I’m sure everyone will be in awe. You are the most beautiful pirate. Everyone will be attracted by your beauty.

11. South Sea’s Blouse With Belt Adult Costume

The suit looks simple and doesn’t have many fancy details, but it still looks charming, right? It can perfectly highlight your beauty and charm without cutting too much.

12. Vixen Womens Black Coat Costume Idea

Imagine walking into the carnival in this mysterious black outfit. Everyone will be like your crewmates. They will admire your charming beauty, and want to obey your commands. You will become a truly beautiful and powerful pirate ship’s captain.

13. Deluxe Sexy Colonial Pirate Costume For Women

Has the golden age of pirates been forgotten? The answer is no. With this outfit, you will be the center of attention. Everyone will have to look up at you. A beautiful, powerful and cool pirate.

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These girl pirate halloween costume ideas look so cool and attractive. Which style do you like the most? You can invite your friends to dress up as pirates, and you will look like a formidable pirate crew. Let take pictures together and you will have unforgettable moments with these interesting outfit ideas. You can find more beautiful and sexy costume idea for girls at 9teeshirt.