15 Cute Infant Girl Halloween Costumes

best infant girl halloween costumes

It’s only a few days until Halloween and you still don’t know what funny infant girl halloween costumes to buy for your baby, right? Don’t worry because now there are so many lovely outfits that you can freely choose. In this article, we have compiled some models that are loved and bought by most parents.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Infant

1. Baby Skunk Costume

Try turning your little girl into a cute animal this halloween. Believe me, no one can resist her cuteness. The outfit is also very cozy and easy to move so your child will not feel uncomfortable at all.

2. Baby Cute Cat Costume Halloween

Adorable cats are already loved by many people. So if your little girl wears this, she will look absolutely cute.

3. Baby Red Riding Hood Costume

Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? You can turn your daughter into that lovely little girl. The striking red color will make your daughter the center of attention.

4. Baby Whittle Witch Costume

If you want to find some scary infant halloween costumes or dress up your baby as a cute little witch, then try to buy the item below. She will become a witch that everyone loves.

5. Infant Vampire Cutie Costume

Scary vampires are one of the most common costumes that people choose to dress up for every Halloween. Turn your infant into a baby vampire. Take a few photos. Maybe few years later your family will have fun moments looking at those photos.

6. Pumpkin Costume – Funny infant halloween costumes

It can be said that pumpkin is one of the indispensable things on Halloween. Pumpkin can be used for decoration, or as a costume. Therefore, you can buy your baby an adorable pumpkin costume like this. The outfit is always in the top cute halloween costumes for infants, I think.

7. Infant Girl Petite Pirate Costume

Have you ever seen movies about pirates drifting in the ocean? This costume inspired by those characters are sure to make your baby very special. You’ll definitely want to keep lots of pretty pictures of your kids with this outfit.

8. Princess Snow White – Disney infant girl halloween costumes

And surely in this article, I can’t forget to mention to lovely princess outfits for cute babies. Oh, this cuteness will definitely melt everyone’s heart. What are you waiting for without buying this princess snow white costume for your little girl.

9. Cute Infant Baby Queen Bee

Who said insects can’t be cute? LOL! Your baby will become a super cute bee queen this Halloween. I think it’s quite hard for me to find some scary infant halloween costumes because they are all too adorable.

10. Infant Pink Vampire Bat Costume

Another outfit idea that is also worth considering. Surely we all know that Halloween is often associated with vampires and bloodsucking bats, right? But below, I show you an adorable version of the vampire bat.

11. Cute halloween costumes for infants – Belle Costume

Another princess outfit that many people love is this Belle costume.

By the way, you can also find other Disney princess costumes for your infant baby. There are many different models for you to choose from. They are all so gorgeous and adorable.

12. Avocuddles Costume For My Baby

Put aside the fairy tales or scary bloodsuckers. You can turn your infact into any cute funny fruit. Halloween is a carnival, so you won’t have to limit yourself to any characters. Your child will look absolutely adorable in this avocuddles costume.

13. Costumes Little Pink Monster For Her

Monsters must be ugly. No problem. I’ll prove it to you with this outfit. No one can resist its cuteness. I find this monster costume to be one of the halloween costume ideas for infant that you should buy the most.

14. Baby Red Devil Costume

Even if you wear a devil costume, everyone wants to cherish your baby because it’s cuteness.

15. Little Wolf Cub Costume

The wolves in the legend, every night the moon is high and bright, they will let out long and creepy howls. Do you think this is a scary infant halloween costume?


Here are 15 suggestions for funny infant halloween costumes. They’re all very adorable, aren’t they? Imagine your baby girl would look like a little angel in those outfits. She will surely have lovely commemorative photos. You can find more funny and cute costume ideas for infant at 9teeshirt.

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