17+ Best Last Minute Diy Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Best Last Minute Diy Valentines Day Gifts For Him

You want to look for last minute diy Valentines Day gifts for him. Because You have been too busy with work and now you remember that you have not prepared a gift for that person.

Homemade gifts always carry a certain meaning. Although it cannot be as beautiful as the gifts bought, it contains a lot of love for the person who made them.

At the last minute you were very confused, weren’t you? Don’t worry because we’ve got a few suggestions for you on this gift.

Please refer to the articles below and we hope they will help you in these last minutes.

Last Minute Diy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

1. Scented Candles

Scented candles will help him relax every day. But it becomes even more special when this is last minute diy valentine’s day gifts for him. It is very easy and quick to do.

Scented Candles

2. Chocolate – Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Diy

Chocolate is the symbol of February 14th so make him a box of chocolates. Bitter or sweet depending on his preference. Check out our 9teeshirt website if you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.


3. Message In A Jar

Your countless messages for him will be written in each of these little pills. Last minute valentine’s day gifts for him diy for those who like romance. Thousands of messages that he can read every day.

 Message In A Jar

4. Heart From Buttons

Make him a little picture out of buttons. Attach them to a heart-shaped picture. He can use it to decorate his manor room.

 Heart From Buttons

5. Dried Fruit – Last Minute Diy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

If he’s a junkie like that, this is the last minute diy valentines day gifts for him. Dry his favorite fruits in bulk so he can eat them to his heart’s content.

 Dried Fruit

6. Heart From Puzzle Pieces

Take the red puzzle pieces and stack them on top of each other to make a heart shape. Add a love message across the center of that heart shape. Hang it in front of his room door.

 Heart From Puzzle Pieces

7. Heart Dollar

Turn a regular note into a heart shape so he can keep it in his wallet. It will bring him luck. You can do it in many different denominations.

Heart Dollar

8. DIY Bracelet

You can buy strings to make bracelets for him. There are many styles that you can find on the web. It makes sense if he can wear a bracelet you designed. There are many famous people who have done them.

9. Painting From Rock

Using stones to make a picture is something new. Just choose the stones with the right size for your idea. Match them into a special picture. Take this picture of us for example.

Painting From Rock

10. Dream Trap – Last Minute Diy Valentines Day Gifts For Him

If your boyfriend is someone who has nightmares every night. Then this dream trap is the perfect gift. It will help him have a good night’s sleep and no more nightmares.

Dream Trap

11. House In A Glass Jar

Design a mini house in a glass jar. You can order the vase as shown and design a small house in it. Hanging it in the house will look special.

House In A Glass Jar

12. House Model

If you have a good pair of hands, that’s great. Give him a small model of the house he lives in. Or maybe your future home. Add lights to the house to add sparkle.

 House Model

13. Plants In Glass Jars

Plant him a succulent plant in a perforated glass jar. Hang them out on the balcony so he can watch it every morning with a coffee.

Plants In Glass Jars

14. Wall Of Love

Paint the large wall in his room blue or white, representing the sky. You can unleash your creativity on that wall to paint for him. You can refer to our picture.

Wall Of Love

15. Homemade Hug Pillow

Design a pillow that hugs the two of you. Especially the big head like the image of a chibi. Let him hug it every night when he goes to bed.

Homemade Hug Pillow

16. Wool Scarf

In this cold winter, knit him a wool scarf. Choose his favorite color. His throat will be kept warm by the scarf you knitted.

Wool Scarf

17. Chocolate Bouquet

You know, chocolate is the symbol of Valentine’s Day. So what do you think about a bouquet of chocolate flowers for him? An ordinary flower bouquet is no longer interesting, so try this bouquet on Valentine’s Day this year.

Chocolate Bouquet


Above are some of our suggestions for last minute diy valentines day gifts for him. You know for sure that homemade gifts always have a meaning of their own.

And he’s always loved what you’ve done for him. Thank you for reading to the end. Hope these suggestions have helped you choose a suitable gift for your boyfriend.

Wishing you both a happy Valentine’s Day together.

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