17+ New Year’s Gift Ideas For Coworkers

New Year's Gift Ideas For Coworkers

New year is coming and you are thinking of New Year’s gift ideas for coworkers, right? New Year is an occasion not only to give gifts to relatives and friends but also to your colleagues.

Those gifts will bring them good luck in the coming year. If you don’t have any unique ideas, please refer to some of our suggestions below.

Hope these suggestions will help you choose a suitable gift for your co-worker.

New Year’s Coworker Gifts

1. Hand Held Coffee Machine

Your co-workers are those who enjoy a cup of coffee every morning before work. Coffee will help them stay awake in the morning. So a portable coffee maker is a new year’s coworker gifts that shouldn’t be missed.

Hand Held Coffee Machine

2. Temperature Cup

To keep your colleagues’ drinks at their favorite temperature, this mug is indispensable. They won’t need to rush to drink their drink because with this cup, their favorite drinking water temperature is always maintained.

Temperature Cup

3. Snacks – New Year’s Gift Ideas For Coworkers

During stressful working hours, snacks help us reduce stress and easily think of many ideas. New year’s gift for coworkers are no longer difficult when having snacks. Buy a little more so they can use enough.


4. Cookies – New Year’s Coworker Gifts

Go to the kitchen yourself and make them your own cookies. Let them enjoy your cooking talent. New year’s gift ideas for coworkers with homemade cookies.


5. Green Trees

Give them a small potted plant that they can put on their desk. Green trees will help the surrounding environment feel more comfortable, reduce stress at work every time you see them. Add a message to water them every day.

Green Trees

6. Book – New Year’s Gift For Coworkers

Help them add more knowledge from books. You can choose a book that helps with their work. Or a novel book that transports them to a completely different world from what they’ve read before.


7. Tea And Coffee

If you are an office worker, you should not ignore this suggestion. Every morning when going to work everyone needs a cup of tea or a cup of coffee to keep them awake. Then prepare your office’s favorite tea or coffee.

Tea And Coffee

8. Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is an indispensable thing for a person who has to move to many places to work. It helps you limit damage to the laptop if it is bumped or dropped. Laptop is an indispensable thing for work so protect it.

Laptop Bag

9. Mini Trash Can

Working in an office, so there is a lot of paper to throw away. They always throw their broken ideas away. Make their desk more tidy with this mini cup holder.

Mini Trash Can

10. Perfume

If your colleagues are lovers of scents. Give them a bottle of their favorite perfume. Or maybe a couple of small perfume bottles so they can try different fragrances.


11. Lunch Box To Warm Food

They always bring food to work to serve for lunch. Homemade food is always healthier than food bought from outside. So give them a reheatable lunch box so they can enjoy their meal in top condition.

Lunch Box To Warm Food

12. Humidifier Nebulizer

Working in an air-conditioned environment causes their skin to dry out and crack. Hydrate your skin with this humidifier. Put them on your desk and you will see the obvious effect.

Humidifier Nebulizer

13. Personalized Mugs

Give each person a personalized cup with their name. Add a short greeting below for each person. They will use it to enjoy a drink while working and will always remember their kind colleague.

Personalized Mugs

14. Personalization Pen

Their job takes a lot of notes so why not give them a personalized pen with their name on it. Engrave the recipient’s name on the body of the pen. Plus write a greeting on the outside of the pen case. Every time they use it, they will remember you.

Personalization Pen

15. Fun Custom Bobblehead

A special and unique gift you can give your coworker is a fun custom bob that looks exactly like him! He can also use it as a cool decor inside his office.

Fun Custom Bobblehead

16. Personalization Dock

A great gift option for co-workers in need of a bit of organization. This multifunctional wooden docking station has a slot for mobile phones, a keychain slot at the top and a slot along the bottom for charging cords. Engrave the person’s name on this wooden shelf.

Personalization Dock

17. Picture Frames

A gift so they can leave their favorite photo on the desk. It will help them feel more comforted when stressed with their favorite photo.

Picture Frames


Thank you for reading to the end. Above are some of our suggestions for new year’s gift ideas for coworkers. Hope these suggestions have helped you choose a suitable gift for your co-worker.

Each New Year gift brings good luck to the recipient for a favorable working year to come. If you still want to find more ideas for this gift, you can refer to our website 9teeshirt.

Wishing everyone a productive new year!

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