17+ Cheap Funny Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Cheap Funny Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Another Valentine’s Day is coming and you want to find cheap funny valentines day gifts for him. Because currently you do not have much time and money to prepare an expensive gift.

You have no experience in choosing cheap gifts for him, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you choose the right cheap gift. Check out a few suggestions below and hopefully it won’t let you down.

Funny Valentines Day Gifts For Him

1. Personalized Shorts

Print your face all over his shorts. Form a personalized pair of pants with your full face. This personalized shorts is one of the funny valentines day gifts for him suggestions.

Personalized Shorts

2. Personalized Sleeping Pillow

Make his pillow special by having your picture printed on it. Or maybe a happy picture of the two of you. Let him always think of you in his dreams.

Personalized Sleeping Pillow

3. Game Machine

He will be very happy with your cute funny valentines day gifts for him. Let him entertain after a long tiring day at work. You can also play it with him.

Game Machine

4. Personalized Face Cushion

Make a pillow with the shape of your face. It looks very funny and he can watch or cuddle every day. Funny gifts for him on valentines day that he can see you every day.

Personalized Face Cushion

5. NASA Rocket Lava Lamp

If he is someone who cares about nasa then give him this rocket lava lamp. Let him think he’s out of this world with this hilarious lava lamp! It can also be used as a home decoration.

NASA Rocket Lava Lamp

6. Our Moment – Couple Game

This is a game designed to spark conversation and help you understand each other more deeply. It helps couples get to know each other better.

Our Moment - Couple Game

7. Beard Shaping Tool

From now on he can shape his beard with this tool. He will look new and more manly.

Beard Shaping Tool

8. Bracelet – Funny Gifts For Him On Valentines Day

Give him a bracelet to let him feel you are always with him wherever he goes. It is also a piece of jewelry that shows his masculinity.


9. Choker – Cute Funny Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Necklace is a gift that not only has a special meaning but also a piece of jewelry. Give it to him so he can wear it every day. Especially it can turn into a bracelet if he wants to.


10. Personalized Canvas Prints

You can print a picture of you and him to make a big picture on the wall. Hang it in his room so he can look at it every day.

Personalized Canvas Prints

11. Sport Shoes – Funny Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Motivate him to practice every day. Remind him to run often because the shoes you give him will accompany him on every road.

Sport Shoes

12. Tie – Cheap Funny Valentines Day Gifts For Him

It would be great if he could wear the tie you gave him to important meetings. It will bring him luck.


13. Personalized Hoodies

A hoodie helps him keep this cool color warm. More special is that it is personalized by embroidering his name on the chest.

Personalized Hoodies

14. Hand Held Coffee Machine

Is he someone who enjoys a cup of coffee every morning? Then a portable coffee machine is cheap funny valentines day gifts for him. It helps him save time and can take it with him anywhere on picnics.

Hand Held Coffee Machine

15. Bacon Roses

This would be an interesting gift for a man who loves food. Cook the bacon pieces as usual. Then roll them up to turn into a rose. Make him such a bouquet.

Bacon Roses

16. Wooden Docking Station

Make his things more tidy with this shelf. It can hold keys, eyeglasses, phone, wallet and other small items. This will save him time finding these items before he goes out.

Wooden Docking Station

17. Boxing Gloves

Advise him to practice boxing to exercise. Not only that, it also helps him protect himself from danger with this martial art. Give him a pair of boxing gloves to encourage him to practice this martial art.

Boxing Gloves


Thank you for reading to the end, hope the above suggestions for cheap funny valentines day gifts for him helped you choose a suitable gift for him. But if you still want to check out a few more suggestions, you can visit our website 9teeshirt. Wishing you both a meaningful Valentine’s Day together.

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