16 Ideas Of Best Gift For Husband On 1st Wedding Anniversary

best gifts for husband on his first birthday after marriage from wife

Wedding anniversary is an important day for couples, especially the 1st one. Let’s celebrate it with the best gift for husband on 1st wedding anniversary. But if you still don’t know what present to choose, then read till the end of our article. Here below is a collection of the most meaningful gifts that your husband will surely love.

First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husband From Wife

1. Customized photo art

This might be a good idea if the two of you are used to traveling together. Choose around 12 of your best photos and print them out. Stacking them in a heart shape will make the gift much more romantic.

2. Journey mountainous map print

One more amazing 1st wedding anniversary gift for husband who often travel here. A printed map of the places you have been traveled are arranged in the shape of a mountain. It reminds him all those exciting memories.

meaningful 1st wedding anniversary gift for husband

3. Customized keepsake anniversary journal

Give him this meaningful present. On each page, you can summarize and record memorable memories together during the year. At the same time, it also has pages to store your pictures, making it easier to recall memories.

4. Thoughtful wall art

Do you remember the path the first time you and him walked together for the first time? Let’s make it a print of art in your own way to celebrate that special memory.

5. Surprise gifts for husband on first wedding anniversary – Couple portrait

A romantic present to celebrate your important milestone is the portrait of you and your spouse housed in an elegant wooden frame. It can be suitable to decorate in the living room or bedroom. Everyone will admire your beautiful love so much.

6. Customized star map

Do you know, on the day you said “I do” 1 year ago, how was the universe out there where the stars were? This map will be something he and you both want to see every day, as a reminder of your big event. To make this interesting gift more romantic, you can write on it a quote to talk about your love.

7. Your letterpress wedding vows

Wedding vows are something very sacred and precious. But to prevent it from being faded over time, print it out and decorate it in your own style. Hang the print in the most beautiful place in the house, it will be a reminder for both of you to fulfill that promise in the years to come.

8. Unique DIY paper bouquet

Giving flowers is a traditional way to express love. But giving flowers that never fade will make the your hubby even happier. You can easily learn how to make a lovely paper flower bouquet yourself. That sentimental 1st anniversary gift for husband will surely make him smile.

lovely surprise gifts for husband on first wedding anniversary

9. “The Art of Marriage” poem print

Do you know that marriage is like an art, we need to be skillful and careful to make the love last long. This poem would act as a reminder for you to love each other wholeheartedly, not only for 1 year, 10 years but for a lifetime.

10. Photo book – Best gift for husband on 1st wedding anniversary

365 days have passed since the day you officially became each other’s. What did you experience together? Where did you visited with him? Let’s look back at those memorable moments with this photo book.

11. Amazing clock anniversary gift

Giving your husband a beautiful wall clock with your wedding date engraved inside would be a great idea. It’s like your affirmation that your love will last forever, regardless of time.

12. Hourglass timer for husband

This sophisticated sand timer is the best gift for my husband on our wedding anniversary to affirm your timeless love. You can ask the seller to engrave your couple’s names with the wedding day on it. He might use this to decorate his desk.

13. Personalized retro pocket watch

A retro pocket watch could make any gentleman fall in love with it elegant design. Particularly, you can personalize the watch face outside and inside in different ways to remind him of you and his beautiful love.

14. Modern metallic watch for men

However, if your spouse tends to like a modern, youthful style, this modern metallic watch is the answer. This 1st wedding anniversary gift for husband will enhance the elegance of a modern gentleman. It is suitable for casual clothes to formal suits.

15. Fancy anniversary sundial

Weekends will be the ideal time for the he and you to garden together. This is a simple but romantic outdoor activity. Hence, you could give him this beautiful sundial so that he can look at it often.

16. Great mesmerizing rose memento

This is a gift inspired by the famous “Beauty and the Beast” story. There’s no one who doesn’t love a shiny, beautiful ornament that can last for a long time.


Choosing the best gift for husband on 1st wedding anniversary is not a simple at all. We know that! Therefore, through this article with 16 useful suggestions, hope you have found the ideal present to give to your beloved. You can also refer to other unique gifts for your husband at 9teeshirt. Thank you for reading till the end of our blog.

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