17 Sentimental Gift Ideas For My Husband’s 60th Birthday

great gift ideas for my husband's 60th birthday

Birthday is a special occasion to gather with family and have memorable moments. And importantly, preparing “good gift ideas for my husband’s 60th birthday” is indispensable. Have you thought of any yet? If not, then this article is exactly for you.

Perfect 60th Birthday Bift Ideas For My Husband

1. Customized mug for your old man

Regardless of whether your husband is a tough old man or not, a customized cup with his birthday, or an “I love you” message from you is sure to make him smile. He can use it to drink tea or coffee every morning.

thoughtful 60th birthday gift idea for my husband

2. Perfect wooden flask

This flask will help your man store his alcohol. However, what’s more impressive is that it’s elegant design will make any husband extremely excited.

3. 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband – Personalized wine rack

Wine rack is a normal thing. Accentuate it with a beautifully personalized wine rack design. Your husband would be extremely proud of it.

4. Creative puzzle collage picture frame

Your husband’s 60 years of life must have been filled with many unforgetable milestones. Help him look back on those memorable moments with these unique frames.

5. Convenient rechargeable LED neck light

If he likes reading books at night then this would be a great 60th birthday gift for husband.

6. The history book

Older men often enjoy studying and learning about history. They often spend time reflecting on past events. Give him this gift, and it will be interesting to watch him read it intently.

7. Skincare set for men

Nowadays, men’s skin care products are increasingly popular. However, not many husbands notice that. Show your care for him by getting him a quality skincare set.

8. Men’s socks

Socks are a pretty popular present, aren’t they? But do not underestimate its usefulness. You can make them special 60th birthday gift for husband by printing a few cool unique things like his pictures.

9. Customized blanket

The elder often have sleep problems. This stems from many reasons. You can try buying him a comfortable soft blanket to help him improve the quality of his sleep. Print some special images to make the gift more meaningful.

10. Mini bluetooth speaker

Music is a great way to relax. With this speaker, your husband can easily connect to TV or his smart phone to enjoy immersive sound wherever he is.

11. Noise cancelling headphones

Still don’t know “Which 60th birthday gift idea for my husband I should get?”

With high-tech headphones, your partner can enjoy relaxing moments without the fear of being affected by outside noises.

12. Golf stand bag

Your husband has reached retirement age and he will have a lot of free time. Golfing will be an interesting sport. So give him this gif. He will be able to enjoy some refreshing moments after years working hard.

sentimental 60th birthday gift ideas for my husband

13. Destinations of a lifetime book

At the age of 60, your husband has plenty of time and health for travel. If traveling is his hobby, which gift is better than this book. It will be a great inspiration for future trips of you and your old man.

14. Cozy bathrobe

A soft bathrobe with an elegant design would make an ideal 60th birthday gift for husband.

15. Pijama set – Great gift ideas for my husband’s 60th birthday

A set of pajamas will make the wearer extremely comfortable. Choose a set based on your husband’s favorite pattern and color. He will definitely love it.

16. Classic Oxford shoes

High-quality shoes with a classsy design that can be mix with many different outfits. This is a useful gift that can be worn in many occasions, from casual to formal events.

17. Homemade-coffee machine

I bet that you think “Godness, I finally find out the best 60th birthday gift ideas for my husband“. If your hubby loves to drink coffee, by sending him this machine, it would show your great care and love for him.


Above is a summary of 17 collective gift ideas for my husband’s 60th birthday. Have you chosen the most appropriate present yet? Surely your husband will love it and cherish it forever. At 9teeshirt, you can easily find meaningful gifts for your husband. Thank you for reading till the end of our article.

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