17 Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary Wedding Ideas

gift for mom and dad on 25th anniversary

Are you looking for best gift for mom and dad on 25th anniversary our experts discovered thousands of feedback for Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary” and shortlisted them.We all know that our parents were always the people who had a great influence on our lives. They were the ones who raised us and nurtured us, right from the beginning.

So, it is with good reason that we feel especially connected to them and give them greater importance in our lives. And when it comes to celebrating such a significant day as an anniversary, there is no doubt that your parents will have a treasure trove of memories to make this important day as memorable and loving as possible.

Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary


1. Custom Couple Wooden Photo 

If it’s your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, you must be thinking of something that can replicate the feelings that they felt when they were seeing each other for the very first time. I mean how do you even begin?

Well, if you can’t just dream up something eccentric, get a wooden photo message where the images will be engraved on wood and for these particular events and occasions it’s no doubt a perfect choice. You may give them small and medium-sized wooden photo print messages or choose big and large sizes which are made from different types of wood.

2. Creative Black Explosion Box

If you are looking for a unique gift for your parents and want to break the monotony of giving the same gift to them every anniversary, then consider gifting them with this explosion box greeting card on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Based on a unique concept, this explosion box greeting card will burst open with some really amazing photo frames of all the sweetest moments that they shared during their 25 years of staying together and witnessing each other grow.

3. Beautiful Couple Ring

Exchanging rings is a tradition when it comes to weddings and anniversary celebrations. And that is why couple rings have been picked as the Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary. Couple ring are very much in tradition, yet contemporary in their design, which makes them different from the traditional rings.

This can help you connect with your parents and bring back old memories. There are a lot of anniversary gifts that you can give to your parents, but we think that couple rings are your best option.

4. Wedding Signature Plate

Whimsical, elegant and useful….this personalized anniversary plate is sure to stand the test of time. Ideal for the home or office and makes a great gift for any wedding anniversary couple. This unique anniversary gift features a silver metal nameplate surrounded by a graceful vine of hearts.

The heart motif continues around the outside edge of the wood base and adds a personal touch to the piece that is perfect for celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary.

best gift for mom and dad on 25th anniversary

5. Custom Anniversary ClockBest Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary

It is a known fact that today more than ever, people like to get personalized gifts for various events and occasions. While a custom made gift is a great option worth considering, sometimes we either run out of time or just don’t have the necessary ideas for personalized gifts for your closest friends and family members.

This is why we want to give you an idea on creating a 25 Silver Custom Anniversary Clock gift that is truly outstanding. You can make a clock frame, personalize it with their names and the number 25, and you can add different designs to the face of the clock.

Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary

6. Mom And Dad Custom Mug 

Two is always better than one, especially when it comes to a pair of mugs for two. While buying two identical mugs for your parents might be a little confusing for them, these cute couple mugs will make every morning special.

Not only do they look adorable but also double up as tokens of appreciation and love from their dearest child. Your parents can share their favourite hot beverage with their new favourite mug every single day!

Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary

7. Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary: Music Box

Maybe your parents are getting old and starting to forget things like what day it is, or maybe they just aren’t in their right state of mind anymore. Sometimes we look for gifts that will bring them happiness and joy, but sometimes all they need is something associated with their past.

And nothing makes them happier than music because it brings them back to the good times of their life. How about gifting your parent’s favorite songs on a vinyl disk music box?The dark wood color and the vinyl set make it a precious gift.

8. Champagne Couple Glasses

Cheers to 25 years of marrital bliss! Your parents have spent nearly a quarter of their lives together and deserve a toast to celebrate. These exclusive wine glasses are the perfect gift because they’ll remind your parent’s that they’ve come really far, even if they both insist their marriage is just like any other couple’s.

They will know you’re right, too. After all, this couple (along with their unique marriage) makes for a great anniversary poem – every time there is a reason to celebrate!

Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary

9. Beauty Couple Watches

No timepiece symbolizes the passage of time in quite the same way as a wristwatch. So when celebrating an 25th wedding anniversary with your parents, why not give them a beautiful and timeless gift that will remind them on every day of their anniversary?

A couple’s watch is just the thing for such an occasion! These watches are designed for two people wearing them at the same time – especially these special anniversary models. The couple’s or romance watches come in a variety of styles and price ranges, with many to choose from.

10. Couple Heart Key Ring

It’s your Mom and Dad’s silver anniversary! You can’t believe that they’ve been married for 25 years but you are ecstatic to celebrate this important occasion with them! To help them reminisce the precious moments they had together, opt for a key ring with a heart design.

This is a Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary, because it will be used practically every day — to hold their house keys, car keys and other important items. For added sentimentality, consider getting a piece personalized with the entwined names of your Mom and Dad.

Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary

11. Couple Travel Ticket 

You often feel anxious and irritated when time seems not to pass by, while you had another pile of homework to do. But it’s worth waiting: you’re just a few months away from your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary! This is one of the moments they deserve a break.

And I think that’s the Best Gift For Mom And Dad On 25th Anniversary you can give them: why don’t you save up a little and help your parents have a totally care-free week somewhere nice?

12. Couple Photo With Signature Frame

This is the most simple way to tell your parents that you have decided to marry the person they know. The idea is to get a lovely frame which can hold a picture of your families in the centre of it. On either side, there should be space for the signatures of all family members.

This gives each family member an opportunity to wish their son and his fiancé with their blessings. In case you don’t have the time to go out and buy a frame, you can make one on your own home. For example, you may use a box or any plastic tray which can be used as a photo frame.

13. A Silver Rose

Red roses are good, no doubt. They’re available, they’re simple and they’re beautiful. But they aren’t the ones that you want to send to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. When celebrating a Silver Jubilee of a marriage where both parties are as old as the number 25, you want to go all out and send something extra special.

Something that will remind them how important they are in your life and how much you value their presence in your life. And what better way to do that than with a Silver Rose?

14. Custom Photo Album

A photo album is a great idea to value your parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. Sharing the moment of their wedding day, giving sighs of recollections, you can even make them feel young again by reliving it with your album.

You can also remind them of the good old days they spent in together and how they were going through life’s ups and downs when they first met. By giving this impressive album to your parents, you are giving them an opportunity to remember all this by looking at the photos again and again.

15. Hand Shaped Molding Kit

The anniversary gift usually reflects the theme of the celebration, in this case the 25th anniversary of when parents were married or pledged theirlove to each other. The presence of a creative anniversary gift makes a celebration even more memorable! So this is the gift you need.

16. 3D Crystal Anniversary 

Finally, you can show your parents love on their anniversary like never before. This is a piece of glass that you can gift to their spouse. It may have the couple’s picture engraved on it.

There may be engraved love notes. Place it on a wooden base and light it up with a light bulb for extra effect. This is a great keepsake that parents will love forever.

17. Couple Custom Shirt 

Here’s a fun gift idea for a couple celebrating their 25th together – A custom shirt with the couple’s name on it. This is not only a personality shirt but also a fashion shirt.

If you are having a bit of a hard time finding the right gift for your parents, this could be a good choice. It makes it possible to get these custom shirts made in any style you choose. This will give loving parents something to wear throughout the year.


Which Gift is the best The answer depends upon who you ask. While one person may believe that the gift is more meaningful based upon its price; others may consider the thought and effort put into purchasing a gift as more important. There are many options available as gifts to your Mom & Dad on their 25th Marriage Anniversary, so you can buy something unique based upon your parents likes and dislikes.

You can refer the meaningful gifts at 9teeshirt I’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for Mom and Dad on 25th Anniversary based on personal experiences.Just follow our tips above, and soon your parents will be celebrating their special day with the best gifts in town. You Might Also Like: