30 Best Surprise Gifts For Mom Dad Anniversary Unique Ideas

Best Surprise Gifts For Mom Dad Anniversary Unique Ideas

Are you struggling looking for surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary because this is a time to show them how much they mean to you. There are certain gifts for Mom and Dad anniversary idea you can get them, and that is what really matters in the end.

There are some truly gorgeous ideas around for anniversary gifts for parents, and we think we’ve captured some of the best and most thoughtful and heartfelt presents that will probably bring a tear or two to their eyes (which is exactly what you were going for, right?)

Most Surprise Gifts For Mom Dad Anniversary

1. Custom frame photo

What better way to display an image of your parents than in their beautiful wedding attire underneath their written vows. This could show how much love you spend for your parents who have sacrificed their whole youth time to get you a happy life.

2. The unique romantic mug set

What better way to celebrate love than with a pair of cute porcelain coffee mugs shaped like faces kissing?  Make your significant parents feel extra special with these unique coffee mugs. This creative anniversary gift for mom and dad is a romantic gift for them that will make them smile every morning when they make their coffee.

3. Special wedding photo album

Looking for a unique gift idea that is super versatile and cute? This personalized photo book is a surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary to give which lets you create a creative story in an album with stunning design.

4. Spa gift card

Give your parents the gift of pampering with this gift card as anniversary gift for mom and dad. Treat your parents to a day of relaxation, and they’ll be well on their way to recovery from the stress they’re feeling.

unique gifts for mom dad anniversary ideas

5. A bunch of flowers

A bunch of flowers may seem like an odd choice for a highlight of an anniversary celebration, but in reality it is one that will never go wrong. Flowers are always going to be a popular choice because everyone loves receiving them, but it’s when you match that with your specific parents’ preferences that things can get really exciting.

You know what kinds of flowers your mom likes and what kinds of flowers your dad likes — now use this information to make sure the gift you give them is perfect!

6. Surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary: Cake

How about a cake shaped like a ring box as a gift for mom and dad’s anniversary unique idea – but instead of an engagement ring inside, you’ll find chocolate whipped cream mousse? It’s the world’s most delicious way to pop the question!

7. Customized anniversary candle

This stylish wedding anniversary candle is a special way to celebrate your parents’ big day. Simply select your scent, add the design elements of your choice, and there’re people that will get to work.

8. Mom and Dad anniversary foodie gift card

You can get this awesome gift card that gives your family access to an unbelievable array of cooking, mixology, and wine tasting classes. There are literally thousands of options for something that’s going to be super useful and help them learn new skills and spend time together.

9. Camera set for couples

Looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gift for mom and dad? They deserve something special – they’ve worked hard all year! This thoughtful gift set contains 50 adventurous scratch-off date challenges, a photo book, and an Lomo’Instant Automat Camera so your parents can capture every last moment.

Special gifts for mom dad anniversary unique ideas

10. Customized photo cookies

It’s hard to find a gift more special and meaningful than these unique cookies. This special gifts for mom and dad’s anniversary will help your parents return to the happiest moment they were together through the photos printed on the baked cookies.

11. Unique gift for mom dad anniversary: Chocolate 

If your parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary, then you should get ’em jelly bean chocolate cubes, which let you send anniversary greetings in the yummiest way possible.

There are so many cute options to choose from — including shapes like hearts and wedding rings, handwritten messages, and additional gift embellishments.

12. Mom and dad booblehead stand

This is one of the perfect anniversary gift ideas for mom and dad. The Custom Booblehead Stand features an adorable caricature of your parents. This personalized stand is the perfect addition to your home, marking your parents’ anniversary become unforgetable. It’s sure to become a family heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

13. Meaningful watercolor portrait

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to celebrate your parent’s anniversary by giving them a portrait of the family that will last forever? A portrait is memory, one of the most important gifts you can give for any occasion.

14. Personalized family tree painting

In a world that can sometimes be so fast-paced that it feels like there’s no time for family, what better gift to give your family than to remind them exactly why they are a part of your family.

No matter how far you travel or how many adventures you take, a personalized tree print will create a physical treasure your family will love forever.

15. Home haning planter

A hanging planter is a unique way to celebrate your parents as they approach their anniversary. It also serves as a gift for the environment-friendly house that you’ve gained over the years.

16. Pillow: Anniversary gift for mom and dad

Looking for a gift for the parents that has everything except the kitchen sink? This awesome personalized pillow could be a perfect fit for them.

top surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary

17. Set of funny wine and beer

This funny wine and beer set is among top perfect gifts for mom and dad anniversary. The set contains one bottle of wine or beer with the message “To Mom & Dad From the Reasons You Drink”. The gift is sure to make them smile (and maybe tear up a little) when they open it on their special day.

18. Special silver family portrait

This silver family portrait is a stunning way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. It is a wonderful gift for a dear couple on their silver anniversary.

special anniversary gift for mom and dad

19. Couple stainless tumbler

When your parents celebrate their wedding anniversary, you need to send a surprise and meaningful wedding gift. This tumbler set will be a meaningful surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary.

ideal anniversary gift for mom and dad

20. Handmade party porch sign

A large banner adds a fun (and colorful!) accent to your home by transforming the front porch into an inviting, festive entryway. You can make it special by your own design.

21. Self-designed bottle label stickers

Are you looking for a lovely and creative surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary? Bottled labels stickers are the ideal choice. Why get a bottle of wine or champagne when you can get one with your own customized water resistant labels! These beautiful gift ideas make the perfect addition to any celebration.

22. Gorgeous wine glass

This elegant wine glass features the shapes of each alcohol inside. It explains the various types of wine, champagne and cocktails to help improve your knowledge. It’s a great anniversary gift for mom and dad which creates a wonderful ambiance between your mom and dad!

23. Vintage newspaper poster

Are you looking for an adorable sign to put up in your home to commemorate the best anniversary gift for mom and dad? This darling printable sign is perfect for any special couple in your life that has been married a long time.

24. High quality wine bottle

You want to buy an unique gift for mom dad anniversary, but don’t really know what to get. Do you get them a candle? Jewelry? Flowers? Nothing is appealing to you. If this sounds familiar, then take a look at this custom wine bottle. It’s rare gift that your parents wouldn’t buy themselves but they’ll love to have it anyway.

25. Your family story book

I want to share a surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary with you. It’s called Storyworth. Storyworth is a service that allows you to create a beautiful keepsake book of your parents’ relationship stories.

26. Personalized record art

I was going to write a blog post about what are some surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary. Then, I saw this super cool music record anniversary gift idea and just had to share it with you.

Every couple needs two things: harmony and music. This gift combines the two in one epic way.

27. A cute “Congratulation” card

Make your parents feel like it’s the first day of their forever-wonderful marriage with this unique gift for mom dad anniversary, made especially for them.

This homemade confection is something everyone can enjoy — I even include a handwritten card to make the whole experience sweeter for everyone involved.

28. Private self-care daycation

Your parents deserve a treat. Pretty much everyone’s parents do. They’re the ones that made life more than it was while they were growing up, so why shouldn’t they have an amazing time when they’re older?

29. Custom table clock

Personalized Anniversary Wall Clock – This will be a surprise gifts for mom dad anniversary. Featuring roman numerals and beveled glass, this anniversary clock can be customized with the couple’s first or last name and up to two lines of additional text of your choice in the font shown.

The date window is an outline only and you can personalize it to say anything you wish.

30. Matching couple T-shirt

You’ll understand the significance of these word plays when you present this gift; it’s a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary (of any length). The matching t-shirts are soft and comfortable and can be worn on any occasion. That’s the best anniversary gift for mom and dad.


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