40 Best Valentines Gifts For Mom And Dad Vintage And Unique

Valentine’s Day is a day for the lovers, but can also be a day for parents! Therefore, if you’re looking for some valentines gifts for mom and dad, we’re here to help you?

All parents deserve some presents in this day because it would reflect how much love their descendance spend for them. These small gift usually strengthen up the family-tie.

Meaningful Valentines Gifts for Mom and Dad

1. Handmade design

How do you express yourself without showing too much love? Let your parents know that they are the best, with some adorable little fold-over note card. These cards are undoubted to bring a smile and happiness to anyone’s face.

2. Pretty photo keychain

Looking for Valentine Day gifts for Mom and Dad? We have a perfect idea. You know that feeling when you miss your parents and wish you could see them? Imagine them opening up their mail and seeing a photo of you on a keychain!

Don’t forget to write your own message in the heart and get one for them and another one for yourself since that photo will look great next to any set of keys. Show them how much you appreciate them by getting them this keychain for Valentine’s Day.

3. Valentines Gifts for Mom and Dad: Custom T-shirt

The design can be changed or customized to fit your needs when requesting your order. Your parents will love it and for sure keep this shirt in a special place in their hearts.

4. Valentines gifts for mom and dad: Lovekoki gift

There are few gifts available online that you can actually gift to your parents’ on Valentine’s Day. LoveKoki is the perfect valentine’s gift for your parents. They are humorous, cute, and very simple to make. You can print as lots of copies as you want for your own usage only.

The file is totally digital printable, and your parents will be happy to see these prints that you created for them. Make these simple collage today and let it express what they mean to you!

5. Personalized candle holder

If you want to surprise your mom and dad with a love message from you on Valentine’s Day, then we have the best present for you! It’s a glass candle holder with a heart-shaped opening and two smaller openings for two different feet.

You can write whatever you want on each of the feet and then use them in the same candle holder. Yes, you can include the name of your partner or spouse in one of these messages and then buy a single gift instead of two separate ones!

6. Heart photo collage

Everyone wants to look back on the good memories of the past and so do your parents. It will be even more meaningful when you yourself arrange those photos into a heart shape for your Mom and Dad.

ideal valentine's day gift for mom and dad

7. Music box – Ideal Valentines Gifts for Mom and Dad

The warm glow of feelings that I experience brings back memories of my parents taking care of me, and how much they loved me. As I gazed at their face on my wedding day, as well as during other key events in my life, I was able to feel how much love I had for them in return.

8. Couple coffee mugs

It’s time to make their parents mornings more fun with a couple of funny coffee mug! Thier days will definitely be better when they wake up to a humorous thought every morning.

9. Cute wine glass set

Forget spending hours searching for Valentines Gifts for Mom and Dad in stores or online. This funny couple tumbler set includes 2 stemmed cups that are sure to make their day.

If you’re tired of getting the same old gifts year after year, try this humorous wine glass set and make everyone laugh!

10. Family key chain

Show Mom and Dad your care with a matching pair of key chains, or adorn mom’s purse with a fashionable key chain.

11. Matching family Valentines Shirts for Mom and Dad

Don’t you wish you could be at home with your loved ones and cuddle up in matching family valentine shirts?

If only there was a way that you could make it a reality. I think it’s time to call that magic number and find out how to get those.

12. Mom and Dad nutritional facts mug

Never again will you have to rush out to buy a thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day! This free printable is a great way to say “I love you” and also share the nutritional information for your parents.

13. Custom art print

A Heart Art print is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day for Mom and Dad. Capture your parents’ print in a canvas then you can display in your home for many years to come. The gift comes with a wooden frame ready to be hung!

14. Adorable jewelry gifts

If you have a mother (or mother-figure) or father that means the world to you, then you should buy this very special gift for them with an image of an angel hanging down on the side.

And, if your parents are still young enough to wear one, there is a link toggle chain with a pendant in which both sides of the pendant say “YOU ARE LOVED”.

15. Custom parent tumbles

Your parents are the most hardworking people on earth. They are always busy with their great workload.Thus, help them save time with a pair of customized tumbles that can keep water warm in winter and cool in summer.

16. Special couple potrait

The gift that brings tears of joy to Mom and Dad’s eyes is a pretty family art on this Valentine’s Day! Apart from being a pretty picture, it also says “you’re the best parents in our hearts.”

17. Family tree frame

When it’s Valentine’s Day, you are usually looking for a special but memorable gift. These family tree frames are just the thing you need. They are functional and beautiful and make a perfect gift idea for all of your parents.

18. Surprise magic photo frame

Every family wants to capture the precious moment of parents together, who are growing older. But it is always so hard to find the perfect gift. All you want is to see them smile when they open the gift.

And we created this magic photo frame for precisely that. With our frame, you can put pictures that you have taken with your families on a tree leaf, in this photo frame.

19. Valentine card for parents

Giving someone a card during Valentine’s Day must be one of the cutest traditions in the world. It will be a missing item if you don’t give them this lovely card filled with sincere and lovable messages that you want to say out loud but you can’t. They will appreciate your thoughtful gift a lot!

20. Wooden family sign

Not sure what to get for the special people in your life? I bet you have at least one person that would love to get a custom wooden sign with the family name on it. This is a great personalized gift for Mom or Dad and anyone else in the family!

21. Custom blanket – Best valentine gifts for mom and dad

What gift to give for a special occasion like Valentine’s day? A custom couch blanket is a unique and affordable Valentine’s Day idea that will be appreciated by anyone.

22. Lovely heart shaped photo collage

What’s the perfect gift for your parents on Valentine’s? A photo heart box in which you can put anything.

23. Couple wool ornament

If you are looking for out of the box Valentine’s Day present ideas, then look no more!! I’m sure that with this cute and creative hand made wool couple ornament will make everyone in your family happy.

This handmade ornament will be the best and meaningful gift in your house. Give your parents this ornament on this occasion.

24. Parent couple pillowcase

Searching for the best valentines gifts for mom and dad? If there is a woman in your life who has been more than just a mother to you, the words “I love you, Mom (or Mom & Dad)” are not enough.

So what could be a better gift than something that will inspire long and peaceful sleep through the night and even bring smile to the face of strongly exhausted seniors? An original couple pillowcases with funny sweet quotes or sayings is an easy and cute idea that will make your parents’ day unforgettable!

25. Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

This mini waffle maker is more than just useful — it’s shaped like a heart! It’s perfect for people who love to cook, or those who want to impress a significant other with breakfast-in-bed.

The waffle maker has two sides and shapes two waffles at the same time so you can prepare a full breakfast for 2 people in less than 6 minutes.

26. Heart necklace

Have you ever heard of valentines jewelry? In my years of internet browsing, I’ve never seen anyone talk about how much they adore it until recently. Why is that?

27. Your family photo album

Looking back at old photos pulls up fond memories, leaving one wondering: Where did the time go? If you’re looking to relive these moments, then this book is for you and your parents. This valentines gifts for mom and dad will be a treasured keepsake.

28. Back Neck Shoulder Massager with Heat

The best gifts of all are the ones that can be shared with the gift giver! That’s certainly true for these cute and thoughtful gifts that we tested over on The Mission.

29. Good humidifier

While there’s really no cure for the common cold, a humidifier can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms like a sore throat.

If your Mom and Dad allergies have been acting up this season, one of these smart humidifiers can help them breathe better.

30. Shower bombs

Hopefully brighten your parents’ day with this gift set of shower bombs. These fizzy, melt your stress away bath bombs can be used with the included cupcake bath bomb holder. Perfect for a calming end to the day!

31. Bluetooth shower speaker

Your Mom and Dad like to listen to music in the shower. You want your parents’ shower time to be a soundstage in their very own apartment.

32. A bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t like receiving fresh flowers from their significant other? Flowers are always a great gift to receive, they are inexpensive and make anyone feel better.

33. Best Valentines gifts for Mom and Dad? – Electric mug

Is your parents always forgetting his/her coffee mug? Does it get cold while they’re getting ready for work? Then you need to get them an electric mug as a meaningful valentines for mom and dad.

34. Custom Valentine’s Wine Labels

This valentines gifts for mom and dad will be perfect for any bottle of wine! The quote reading “I love you more than wine.” could make your parents feel so happy.

35. Personalized Necklace

Every year, you give your Mom another bar necklace. Each with a different word on it. That could be an interesting Valentine’s Day gift.

36. Good weighted blanket

Anyone who has experienced anxiety or depression quickly realizes that finding a solution that provides long term relief from symptoms is essential. The pressure of weighted blankets has helped a lot of people to get a better sleep.

37. Couple pijama sleep sets for parents

One way to soften the pain of a bad day is to get some new pajamas. I think this best valentine gifts for mom and dad could be helpful in releasing stress for your parents.

38. Assorted Tea Gift Set

Make your parents’ Valentine’s Day perfect with a box of Valentine Tea. Each tea in this set was specially selected to give them warmth and comfort during this special day.

39. Cute mini tree

Who says gift giving needs to be as stressful as it seems from the outside? These mini money tree plants are the perfect last minute valentines gifts for mom and dad.

40. Love rings

Rings are symbols of love and commitment. So, why not have a lovely ring to help your parent show their love it with one another?


There are so many meaningful Valentines Gifts for Mom and Dad that can be given on 14/02. You can refer more at 9teeshirt. Hopefully, through our above sharing, you have selectec a suitable one to give to your loved parents.

Indeed, parent have spent their whole youth and life making sacrifices for us. Let’s bring them as much joy as possible, especially on such special occasions like Valentines.      

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