15 Perfect Halloween Costumes For A Group Of Five

halloween costumes for a group of five

The number five represents a huge variety of good things. In case you need to find halloween costumes for a group of five, here are some costume suggestions.

Top Great Halloween Group Costumes For 5

1. Roman and Greek Costumes

With a traditional Roman and Greek group of five costume, you and your friends will be a success at the next party whether you go all out with the centurion or gladiator outfit or keep it low-key with the Caesar or men’s toga.

2. Classic Horror Monster Costumes

The traditional monsters from the history of horror are more cooler than the masked monsters of today.

With this horrifying collection of five costumes, you may gather your friends and show up at the party as the scariest vintage monsters, including the Frankenstein’s monster, werewolf, vampire, and invisible man.

Frankenstein Costumes - Classic Scary Monster Halloween Costumes

3. Toy Story Costumes: Best halloween costumes for a group of five

Hello, hello, hello! This Halloween, dress up as your favorite Pixar characters to celebrate the holiday.

Although Toy Story has always been a classic, there has been a lot of resurgence in interest since the publication of the fourth installment of the trilogy.

4. Interesting Dinosaur Costumes

Why don’t you think about this one of the great halloween group costumes for 5? Try dinosaur outfits for locations that are cooler!

You’ll stay warm in our full-body suit costumes. Though not exactly meteor toasty, you get the idea. You can all dress up as the terrifying T-Rex, or you can all choose a different dinosaur.

5. Super Mario Costumes

With your party of five Mario-themed Halloween outfits, you’ll be the talk of the Mushroom Kingdom. Act out your favorite Mario Party game or talk about your favorite go-kart circuit (certainly not Rainbow Road).

You’ll probably be the center of attention at the party in one of these Nintendo costumes because everyone loves a good classic Nintendo game!

DIY Super Mario Brothers Costumes - The Happy Scraps

6. Safari Animal Costumes

Safari animals are an additional animal theme you can use. Imagine all the possible combinations. The list includes giraffes, lions, tigers, leopards, and more!

Who wouldn’t want an ostrich for a father? These five-person family costumes will make you feel proud.

7. Scary Movie Costumes

In horror movies, there is typically only one villain. There will be safety in numbers if you round up five friends and dress up as well-known movie villains. So let’s consider this such amazing halloween group costumes for 5.

Costume Ideas for Groups of Five - HalloweenCostumes.com Blog

8. Unique halloween group costumes for 5: Power Rangers Costumes

Go go Power Rangers! Halloween costumes for five is here. With their coordinated color schemes, this established superhero team always looks sharp. ( Not to mention that if you’d rather wear a Power Rangers costumes, there are a few other characters like the Black Ranger and White Ranger!)

9. Pop Star Costumes

This Halloween, what better way to be in character than to dress as five amazing pop stars? You should probably pick a gathering with karaoke for this group costume concept.

Not so basic boos

10. Game of Thrones Costumes

Which one of your five teammates will occupy the Iron Throne? Will it conclude the way the TV show did, or will you write the conclusion you wanted?

There is a character to represent every house, no matter who you support. Get your Game of Thrones ensemble outfits for Halloween.

11. Sesame Street Costumes

It is safe to say that many people grew up watching Sesame Street since it debuted in 1969. This would make the ideal family of five Halloween costumes because the program is appealing to both adults and children.

Hoda Kotb, Family Dress as Sesame Street Characters for Halloween | PEOPLE.com

12. Cute Candy Costumes

Live the candy, not just consume it! By wearing a candy costume, you may celebrate your favorite Halloween tradition while letting everyone know which treat you like. Have fun, but watch your weight to avoid getting a stomachache!

13. 80s Diva Costumes: Classical Halloween costumes for five

Hit those high notes like the 80s diva, strike your strongest synth-pop attitude, and watch the crowd go wild!

Choosing who gets to be the pop star and who has to be the fans presents the biggest issue for this group of five 80s costumers.

80s Look For Ladies Flash Sales, 55% OFF | propolis.az

14. Lovely Care Bears Costumes

I do believe this is one of the cutest halloween group costumes for 5: care bears costumes. There are countless characters in the iconic TV series Care Bears, making it the ideal choice for any large group Halloween costume ideas!

15. Alice in Wonderland Costumes

With their heads, out! Choose five fantastic Alice in Wonderland characters to dress up as for Halloween.

You’ll all have a blast because each character (or creature!) in this timeless tale has such a unique and enjoyable personality. Want a good substitute for the typical Halloween party? Croquet!

Coolest Alice in Wonderland Family Costume


The above are our recommendations to help you find the best halloween costumes for a group of five. The nicest things in life frequently occur in sets of five, and they might inspire wonderful costume ideas for you.

You can find lots of good Halloween costumes for a loved one at 9teeshirt. Thank you so much for reading.

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