20 Best birthday gifts for one year old daughter

special birthday gifts for one year old daughter

A gift for the first birthday of a girl is very special. If you are looking for the best birthday gifts for one year old daughter, then you’re at the right place.

On their birthday, people tend to praise them more and make her feel special. That’s why the little one needs a sweet surprise from you on her 1st birthday.

Best Great Birthday Gifts For One Year Old Daughter

1. Cute Wooden Puzzle

There are many presents that you can give your daughter on her first birthday. You can find something much more interesting, unusual and special: a wooden puzzle.

This is a perfect puzzle toy for your daughter to develop her brain and improve coordination between her hands.

2. Piano Toddler Toy: Special birthday gifts for one year old daughter

Are you looking for interesting birthday gifts for your one year old daughter? A piano toy would be one of the best choice for you to give your daughter. Since she is a baby, she only has limited ability to know what the toy can play well.

3. Lovely Riding Toy

One-year-olds are still pretty unsteady on their feet. They can’t quite walk and frequently find themselves tumbling whenever they try to move around. With this balance bike, they can practice their balancing skills while having some fun.

It’s a good way to improve your child’s motor skills without giving you a heart attack every time he or she tries to take an unsupported step on the ground.

4. Colorful Play Tent

One of the good suggestions that you can consider is the use of colorful play tent. The play tents provided by this company could be used as a safe and cute place for your one year old daughter while they are playing with their toys, reading books or doing other activities in the tent.

5. Beautiful Teddy Bear

The celebration of your little princess won’t be complete without an impressive gift for your darling.

You look for gift for her, hoping that it will be an appropriate one, and finally you come across a nice and unique one which is a teddy bear on your daughter’s 1st birthday.

cute birthday gifts for one year old daughter

6. Such a great birthday gifts for one year old daughter: Building Block Set

Wood blocks are the great birthday gifts for one year old daughter because they come with so many pieces which encourages imaginative play.

The best part is that there are so many ways you can use these wooden blocks and since each block has its own unique shape, it’s perfect for teaching kids about different geometric shapes too.

7. Small Colorful Balls

The balls will be a good choice for you to give your one-year-old daughter’s birthday. They will be colorful, beautiful and attractive for your daughter at her birthday.

The balls can be thrown freely and roll across the floor round and round. The little one will enjoy playing with them.

8. Gorgeous Baby Doll

On the first birthday of a child, you can give her a beautiful little doll. The doll can be her friend and companion in childhood until she grows up.

9. Soft Pillow For Baby

For young children, sleep is very important. Things need to be kept in mind when it comes to buying a pillow for a baby especially because the soft cushion will stick to the head of the child and the baby can choke.

So a soft pillow will be my suggestion to help you give birthday gifts for one year old daughter.

10. Portable Play Yard Indoor

Trying to keep a 1-year-old busy during these cold winter months can be difficult, especially when your yard isn’t the largest. With this portable play yard , you have a confined area for them to play. The sleek design also makes a great fit in any room of your house.

11. Small Stunning Earrings

Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to spoil your kids a little bit. Instead of getting them another small toy, why not get them something which will be useful and appreciated?

Even if you don’t have a daughter of your own, I am sure these beautiful earrings will make an excellent gift for anyone you know!

12. Diapers For Children: Perfect birthday gifts for one year old daughter

As we all know, the first year of your child’s life goes by very quickly. Every month you will notice something new that your child is able to do. To make their life easier, it is important to help them in any way possible.

The most useful birthday gifts for one-year-old daughter l is a diaper designed specifically for children.

13. Lovely colorful dress

14. Fancy Silver Bracelet

A gift for a girl entering the toddlerhood often becomes an invaluable souvenir. A silver bracelet will not only be a decoration for children’s hand, but also a memory that will last forever.

15. Cute Pandora Charm

Pandora jewelry is something that can be worn everyday, representing the love and bond between parent and child. These gifts are more than just ‘gifts’; they are opportunities to strengthen the bond between parent and child as well as to express your love for your daughter on a daily basis.

16. Fascinating Fairy Tale Book

Now that your little daughter is celebrating her first birthday, it’s time to choose the best gift for a one-year-old girl. If you’re not sure what to get, you should definitely think about a fairy-tale book that will help your baby to have sweet dreams and enjoy her vivid imagination.

17. Toddler Fishing Game

As we all know, one year old daughters are always interested in exploring the new and unfamiliar things. Therefore, fishing toys are definitely a good choice for their birthday gifts. Just take a look at the cute girl!

18. Cooking Toy Set: Perfect birthday gifts for one year old daughter

Know what’s the best thing about a 1-year-old girl? To raise a normal child, I strongly recommend giving her a cooking toy for 1-year-olds.

19. Adorable sandals for 1 year-old girl

A one year old is beginning to be active. If your child is at that age, you should provide an honest gift for your little guy. Whenever your child will be learning to walk, don’t you want to provide something that let her learn walking without any difficulty? A pair of beautiful sandals can be a suitable gift for 1 year old girl. You can choose between different colors and we strongly recommend you to choose a pair of sandals that fits your child perfectly!

20. Drawing Boarding: Gifts to help your daughter develop creativity

There are many different ways to teach kids about shapes. You can look up different shapes, talk about them and even draw them. Your kids will love drawing with the toy drawing board they got from you on their birthday.


One year old daughter is a beautiful girl, and I am sure you want to buy her a beautiful birthday gift. If you don’t have an idea about lovely gift for daughter on birthday, you can visit our gift collection at 9teeshirt. Hope the sharing above will help you to choose meaningful birthday gifts for one year old daughter. Thank you so much for reading my blog. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.

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