7 Cute Diy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is approaching so you want to find cute diy Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend. Currently, you have no new ideas for this gift. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here are a few of our suggestions for this gift. Read to the end to be able to choose the best gift for her. Hopefully the suggestions below will not disappoint you.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend Diy

1. DIY Jewelry Organizer Photo Frame

This jewelry organizer photo frame is absolutely stunning valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend diy. It’s also easy to do but more importantly it has a sentimental value attached to it.

All you need are some wooden boards, paint, foam broom and fishing line. Plus a few other materials that can be easily found in craft stores.

There are step-by-step instructions that can help you create it instantly on the internet. Your work may not be complete but it is all your love.

She loves that more than anything. Once done, all you have to do is hang the picture frame on the wall.

nice valentine's day gifts for girlfriend diy

2. DIY Heart Cushion – Valentine’s Day Diy Gifts For Girlfriend

You can easily make a DIY Heart Cushion using a simple sewing technique and she will love its special touch. This is also a DIY valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend idea if you are looking for homemade gifts that don’t cost a fortune.

You can customize with your favorite colors and patterns to make the cushion truly unique for your girlfriend. Just take a fabric and sew it according to the heart shape you have outlined.

Tuck cotton balls inside to make it extra soft. Its size is up to your discretion. You can also make it big enough to hug and sleep.

best valentine's day gifts for girlfriend diy

3. DIY Heart Scented Candle – Diy Valentine’s Day Gift For Girlfriend

She often uses scented candles, so please make a DIY valentine’s day gift for girlfriend. You can choose what you find beautiful.

Then just pour the candle making solution into the mold according to the instructions. Finally, stick a picture of the two of you on the candle or directly engrave words on it.

The world’s most unique scented candle was born.

best cute diy valentine's day gifts for girlfriend

4. DIY Mini Heart String Art – Diy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

If you are looking for valentine’s day diy gifts for girlfriend ideas, then this DIY Small Heart String Art would be a great choice. Crafting is super easy and takes no more than an hour or two.

This is great if you want to make homemade gifts that only take a short amount of time. Just a wooden board and nails. Nail in the heart shape that you have drawn.

Then take the thread and hook any of the nails together to create a tangled shape. Finally, engrave a meaningful date for the two of you below.

She can also keep her keys and all her other small belongings organized using this mini stringing art.

5. Heart – Shaped Buttons For Wall Decoration

An easy DIY Valentine’s Day craft that will leave your girlfriend speechless is this Push Button Heart Wall Decor. The decorating process is quite simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is glue the buttons to the pre-decorated card in the shape of a heart. You can make the cover in a square, circle, ellipse or any shape.

Remember to include a hanger. It is not only cute diy valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend but also a home decoration.

6. Secret Pocket Pillow – Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend Diy

This secret pocket pillow DIY Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for your girl. Especially if she is someone who loves cute and small things.

Sew a secret pocket on the pillow where you can hide a note with a sweet message for her. However, you will need to know how to use thread and needle if you want to get the job done.

But it’s also not difficult so you don’t need to worry. Follow the instructions that you can find quickly on the internet. Finally put a card with the words of love you want to say to her in it.

7. Night Date Ideas – Cute Diy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

This Valentine’s Day, you can surprise your girlfriend with a jar of DIY date night ideas! All you need is a jar, some dyed ice cream sticks, glitter, paintbrushes, ribbon, and scratch paper.

The decoration on the outside of the jar looks really eye-catching. Now all you need to do is fill the jar with date night ideas.

For example board games, movies she really likes or even baking! You can also ask her for more ideas if you’re having a hard time. Use it to find ideas for your date nights.


A homemade gift always carries a meaning of its own. Hope the above suggestions about cute diy valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend have helped you choose a gift that’s right for her. Remember that she loves everything you do for her so don’t be so critical of the price. If you still want to check out a few more suggestions, you can visit our website 9teeshirt. Wishing you and her a very happy and meaningful Valentine’s Day together.

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