10 First Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

good first valentine's day gift for girlfriend

You and her are just getting to know each other so you want to find the first valentine’s day gift ideas for girlfriend. You want to make a good impression on her with the first gift. But right now you don’t have any new ideas. If you want to find ideas, please refer to our following article. Our suggestions will have fresh and original ideas. We hope that our suggestions below will be of great help to you.

First Valentine’s Day Gift For Girlfriend

1. Custom Couple Portraits – First Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

This watercolor style portrait includes a spot to capture your memories and where you met. It recreates how the two of you first met. Underneath the page is a specific date and time.

This is my first valentine’s day gift for girlfriend. She can hang it anywhere she wants and will always remember this moment.

cute first valentine's day gift for girlfriend

2. The Reason Why I Love You

There must be reasons why you love her, right? Write to her to know how wonderful she is. In your eyes, everything about her makes you fall in love with it. Show your love by lovely reasons written in that notebook. It’s one of the best gift for girlfriend on first valentine’s day on our list.

best first valentine's day gift ideas for girlfriend

3. Heart – Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

This mini waffle maker isn’t just useful. It also shapes your breakfast like a heart! She doesn’t have to go out to buy her favorite waffles anymore. With just this machine, she can enjoy it at home whenever she wants. In particular, it also has a very lovely pink color. You can easily find it on e-commerce sites.

4. Double Cup – Best Gift For Girlfriend On First Valentine’s Day

The perfect gift for a couple: a pair of mugs for you and her to sip coffee or cocoa together. There are many different styles for you to choose from, but try to refer to the pair of cups below. When they are put together, they will become a symbol of two cups kissing.

Sip her favorite drink every morning with this mug. It is very meaningful for the first valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend. Find more gift ideas on our website 9teeshirt.

cute first valentine's day gift for girlfriend

5. Enameled Cast Iron Heart Pot

This heart-shaped casserole is sure to melt hearts. It is the perfect gift for a girl who loves to cook. If your girlfriend is also such a person, it is impossible to ignore it. She can cook both of their favorites with this pot. When she cooks, looking at it she will always think of you.

6. Rose Bear – First Valentine’s Day Gift For Girlfriend

This romantic rose bear is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. The bear is made from 100% bright red roses and comes in a transparent box. It makes a difference to an ordinary bouquet of roses. This bear is sure to bring a smile to your girlfriend. Remind her how much you love her.

7. Red Wire Heart Bracelet With Gold Chain

This sweet red strap bracelet reminds the wearer to look into their own heart. The gilded heart adds shimmer, the sophisticated pyrite stone symbolizes wealth, success, protection. Let her wear this bracelet, she will always love you. Although it is simple, it has a meaning of love.

8. Thermal Shoulder Back Neck Massager

First valentine’s day gift ideas for girlfriend is a gift that cares about her health. Health is the most important thing, so take care of that. After a long day of work her neck is sore and tired.

But you can’t always be there. So let this massager do it for you. It will make her more comfortable after a long day. This is a practical gift for her.

9. Humidifier – First Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Smart humidifiers have many uses. It moisturizes the skin, helps plants grow, and can soothe cold and flu symptoms. It doubles as an essential oil diffuser. Warm and cool mist can be controlled from your phone.

She works in the air conditioner all day which will make her skin very dry. This machine will help her skin stay moist and healthy. Take care of her from the smallest things.

10. Essential Oil Diffuser

The scent of essential oils makes people very comfortable. It helps to reduce stress and relax the mind. There are many essential oils that are also good for health. Make her room always have a soothing fragrance. It has two ambient light modes that give it a calming feel.

Help her have a good living environment with this essential oil diffuser. Get more subtle with a few different fragrance oils for her to choose from.


Thank you for reading to the end of our article. Hopefully these first valentine’s day gift ideas for girlfriend suggestions above will help you choose the right gifts for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully these suggestions will never be a bad choice on your Valentine’s Day. Wishing you and your boyfriend a meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day together!

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