7+ Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

best cheap gifts for girlfriend on valentine's day

You don’t have much time or money to prepare an expensive gift. So cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend are your choice right now. If you don’t have any ideas for this gift yet, don’t worry. We are here to help you choose the most suitable gift. Here are a few of our suggestions for your reference. Hope these ideas will not let you down.

Cheap Gifts For Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

1. The Bottle Of Love

Write her 365 loving messages that she can read throughout the coming year. Tell him every day to open a piece of paper and read it so he can feel how much you love him.

This gift is simple but contains a lot of your love in it. Put all those messages in a glass jar with a bow or heart and give it to that person.

A girl doesn’t need an expensive gift from her boyfriend, she just needs his appreciation. This is the first cheap gifts for girlfriend on valentine’s day on our list.

cute cheap gifts for girlfriend on valentine's day

2. Hand Casting Tool Set – Cheap Gifts For Girlfriend For Valentines Day

Beautifully romantic and a great symbol of your love. This large casting kit will allow you and him to create a perfect replica of a clenched fist.

This kit comes with a bucket, play dough, cast stone and all the tools the two of you will need. This kit can help you create a work of your own as your hands and hers intertwine.

Putting them as home decorations after finishing work is also not bad. These cheap valentines day gift ideas for girlfriend you can also color it in the color you like.

Decorate it with a few small accessories underneath and lights for extra sparkle. If you’re still not satisfied and want to find some other gift ideas, you can check out our website 9teeshirt.

nice cheap gifts for girlfriend on valentine's day

3. Paper Rose Heart – Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend Cheap

If you want good cheap valentines day gifts for girlfriend, you can’t ignore this gift. With very low cost but very meaningful.

Lots of fun things to do for Valentine’s Day gifts including rolling the tissue paper and then rolling it into roses.

Finally glue them in place on a cardboard heart. It’s so easy you can make your own and you’ll have a big red heart to give her.

best cheap valentine's day gifts for girlfriend

4. Personalized Pillow – Good Cheap Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend

If you can’t choose a pillow for her yourself, you can put it outside. Send pictures of the two of you to the producer.

They will print that image on the pillow and can add your name or whatever message you want to send her on it. It will be the most unique pillow in the world.

Let her always think of you every time she sees this pillow. It is also not expensive to make valentines day gifts for girlfriend cheap.

5. Lipstick – Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

For a girl, lipstick is indispensable. So, cheap gifts for girlfriend for valentines day are to give lipstick. Every woman wants her man to give them lipstick and your woman is no exception.

Choose a lipstick color that she likes, if you can’t distinguish which is the lipstick color, you can see the lipstick color she is using. Or you can ask the salesperson to advise the hottest lipstick color today.

She will look more radiant with the lipstick you give her. There is nothing better than being taken care of by your man from the smallest things.

6. Heart Pot Set – Cheap Gifts For Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

If she is a person who loves to cook then she will always love kitchen related things. The new red heart-shaped kettle set is a creative idea as a Valentine’s Day gift for her that will make an impression on her.

And she can cook your favorite dishes in the same pots you give them. This Valentine’s Day, you can easily find them on e-commerce platforms.

7. High Heel Shoes – Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

For a girl, a pair of high heels is indispensable. So it’s great to have her feet on the heels you gave her. She can wear it anywhere she wants and proudly shows everyone that these high heels were given to her by her man.

It’s like he walks the same path as you wherever she goes when she wears those shoes. There are also many different models and prices for you to choose the most suitable pair.


Thank you for reading to the end of our article. Hope the above suggestions for cheap valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend will help you choose the right gifts for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully these suggestions will never be a bad choice on your Valentine’s Day. Wishing you and your loved one a meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day together!

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