35 First Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Daughter And Son In Law

unique first wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law

Whether you’re shopping for some thoughtful first wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law, we’ve raised the bar when it comes to finding a present that will suit every need. From sentimental keepsakes and practical presents- there’s something here just right!

Great First Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Daughter And Son In Law

1. Exciting Adventure Journal

With activities like blindfolded baking and more surprise surprises inside, it’ll hold all memories from now until forevermore. Plus an instant camera comes standard too if that’s what really gets his and her heart racing (or whatever other part interests them).

best first wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law

2. Anniversary Journal Gift

This journal is perfect 1st anniversary present for daughter and son in-law who are looking to capture their first wedding anniversary in style. With a page dedicated each year, it will be easy enough that even those who haven’t celebrated yet can figure out what’s going on!

3. Thoughtful Sheet Music

If you want to really honor the first year of your relationship, think about what day it was and how that can be celebrated. For example, if today’s theme is paper then there are so many ways in which we could bring our dance song alive on sheet music!

It would look beautiful framed together with a recording too–just like every other keepsake from this amazing time period.

thoughtful first wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law

3. Gift Decorative Travel Map

Travel is back, baby! Whether your favorite couple has been talking about hitting the road for months or just got engaged while on their last adventure together, they’ll be thrilled with this cool canvas map to track all of those travels in one place.

This gorgeous push pin design will remind them how much more there still left do explore- and it looks stunning displayed above any desk too so you can always see where life takes us next…

4. Special Paper Earrings

If you want to give a 1st wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law that they’ll love, it’s important not only that the present is personal and intimate but also as unique or specific for them.

Just like choosing an anniversary card, there should be some thought put into what exactly represents this moment in time.

5. Thoughtful Wall Art

The most popular anniversary gifts at unique first anniversary gifts are customized. They throw it back to where they first met.

A personalized print shows how their paths crossed and this cute idea comes printed on luxe matte paper, available in gold or metal frameings for those who want an more traditional look!

6. Romantic Couples Portrait For Daughter And Son In Law

The couple in your life is celebrating their anniversary, and you want to give them something really special. But what if giving a paper-based gift wasn’t an option? Meet shoott’s portraits sessions for couples!

7. Unique First Anniversary Gifts: Custom Star Map

There are many ways to commemorate the first year of marriage. A custom map is one way that will be appreciated for years! You can choose between different sizes, styles or types depending on what you think they would enjoy most. It can be a fancy wooden frame with delicate artwork framed within its borders.

8. Wedding Invitation Cuff Links

These special cuff links are personalized 1 year anniversary gift for daughter and son in law with little pieces of paper, making them one-of-a kind. They’re designed to last and come in a luxury keepsake box perfect for giving as soon after the big day has passed!

9. Wedding Vows Letterpress

Why not have your daughter and son in law’s unique first anniversary gifts to reflect the beauty of both you and all those years ago when it began? The customization options allow for colors that match any other aspect in life or home decor, as well.

10. Unique Creative Paper Bouquet

The person who never turns down beautiful blooms can enjoy them even more with a paper bouquet that’ll last forever. These faux flowers are printed with the lyrics to your favorite song, so you’ll always have something special together!

If this isn’t enough reason for bringing home one of these babies, how about starting an annual tradition?

11. Meaningful Marriage Poem Gift

This’s an ideal gift to give any couple in the early stages of their marriage! The poem reminds us all about showing up and prioritizing joy, love-and decorating with eye-catching pieces like chalkboards or classic prints.

12. Thoughtful Photo Book

Custom photo books are a great 1st wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law who want to preserve their memories. A custom-built album will come with linen covering and dust jacket so you can display an extra special memory in it!

13. Book Subscription Every Month

Treat your daughter and son in law to a book subscription. You know that person who has everything? The one with the complete lack of interest in anything outside their favorite topic or hobby.

You can give them to Book Subscription where each month receive an shipment new adult fiction title plus some goodies related specifically towards books!

14. Clock Anniversary Gifts

Time really does fly by, and before you know it your first anniversary will be here. What better way to celebrate than with a clock-themed gift?

Give the couple on their special day an antique or modern piece that they can display in honor of all years gone by as well future birthdays ahead!

15. Classic Hourglass Timer Clock

What’s more romantic than a gift that keeps on giving? This clock, personalized with your couple’s names and the date of their wedding or special event will be an elegant addition to any table. It comes beautifully presented in its own box so you can enjoy time spent opening presents without worrying about wrapping!

16. Farmhouse-Style Clock

It’s an especially sweet 1st anniversary present for daughter and son in-law who recently moved into a new home or is planning on making some interior design upgrades. The unique feature will be brought in from repurposed barn siding!

17. Retro Pocket Watch For Son In Law

The perfect gift for any clock lover, this classic accessory features an exposed movement and personalized engraving. It’s the kind of personal touch that will make them feel like royalty!

good first wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law

18. Elegant Pearl Watch For Daughter

This watch is a perfect gift for any woman, no matter what her style preferences are. Whether she likes sleek and sophisticated or country cute; this timeless piece will suit all of them!

19. Metallic Watch – Unique First Anniversary Gifts

What better way to show your love for them than with a modern watch? This sleek black and gold option from Bulova’s collection is the perfect gift.

It has effortlessly cool lines that will look great on any wrist, while also being subtle about its shout out at being one year into marriage! What do you think?

20. Eye-Catching Personalized Cuff Links

The perfect 1st anniversary present for daughter and son in-law who have everything, these one-of -a kind cufflinks are made from vintage watch parts.

The shiny silver base metal will make your wrist look incredible while also being durable enough to last you years!

21. Fancy Anniversary Sundial

If you’re looking for the perfect clock anniversary gift, look no further than this beautiful white and gold handmade sundial. It reads “The 1st of many wonderful years together” which will bring happy tears to your eyes as well!

22. Showstopping Anniversary Clock

Couples will be so impressed with this clock! It doesn’t just tell the time, it automatically plays their song from an attached player.

The First Clock Face counts years while second one does months and days. Third shows what’s going on right now in form of a beautiful stained glass dome that also includes engraving plaque for added effect.

23. Mesmerizing Rose Memento

You can give the ultimate anniversary present. Celebrate life with these beautiful, one-of-a kind enchanted roses. The Disney fan in your life will be thrilled to receive this romantic Beauty and the Beast themed decoration for their first year together!

24. Virtual Cooking Class

When you’re looking for the perfect 1 year anniversary gift for daughter and son in law, consider giving them a cooking class.

They can take online lessons with recipes that reflect seasonal ingredients and occasions like bakers workshops or globally inspired meal demonstrations- there is bound be one just right!

25. Lovely Cozy Bath Robes

A gift that will be enjoyed by both him and her, the softness of these ultra-plush pieces is just divine. They’re made from 100% Turkish cotton which makes it super absorbent for wearing first thing in morning or any other time throughout their day they want feel its soothing embrace–perfect!

26. Celebratory Bottle of Wine

Some people believe that wine is an appropriate gift for celebrating milestones, like weddings and anniversaries. It’s perfect if you’re looking to give a 1 year anniversary gift for daughter and son in law!

You could also choose something more specific based on when they were born – such us vintages from 1985 or 1970 would be great choices.

27. Monthly Date Night Delivery

Planning a date night can be stressful and time-consuming. Luckily, there is an easy way to make this experience more enjoyable: the Date Night Box!

Order your own personal package of goodies delivered right at home or get access through a digital subscription service that offers DIY projects with budget friendly options.

28. Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Trip

You don’t have to get physical items or memorabilia for your anniversary, you can create new memories together. If this sounds like something worthwhile then go ahead and pick out one today so both parties are happy on their special day…

29. Wedding Cupcakes

When you were planning a surprising 1st anniversary present for daughter and son in-law, did the thought of baking a cake ever cross your mind?

If not then don’t worry because there are plenty other ways to celebrate one year since this life-changing event with these adorable mini cupcakes.

30. Symbolic Custom Necklace

The first anniversary is a special time for couples to commemorate the love they share. To help them celebrate in style, we created our One-Year Anniversary Gift Guide with some gorgeous gold jewelry from Serena Williams Jewelry!

31. Smart Indoor Garden

Imagine the sweet smell of fresh flowers and rain-soaked earth filling your home. A compact indoor garden will be a dream come true for any pair who don’t have much outdoor space!

This clever device does all they need, providing just enough light with nutrients watering from an attached reservoir; it’s one unique first anniversary gifts.

32. First Anniversary Flowers

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of beautiful blooms? When associated to first year marriage, these romantic hues represent passion and youthful love that will last forevermore.

33. On-Theme Preserved Roses

What better way to tell your daughter and son in law how much you love them than with these beautiful preserved flowers? Preserved and sent in a heart shaped box, they’re sure not going anywhere.

These won’t last long so make sure that when the time comes for an anniversary or birthday present from yourself- this will be what’s given!

34. A Tree Planted in Their Name

One Tree Planted is the perfect 1st anniversary present for daughter and son in-law looking to plant a tree in their loved one’s name. This gives back and does something good at once, but even better than that it will be forever remembered by this person who deserves all of your love!

35. Wine Holder – 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Daughter And Son In Law

Give the gift that will be loved by all – a metal sculpture perfect for any wine lover. This sleek and stylish piece can add some much-needed interest when entertaining guests while giving him an easy way of showing off his favorite beverage!

first wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law ideas


What are the best first wedding anniversary gifts for daughter and son in law? We’ve covered this topic recently, but it’s not easy. There is so much research to be done!

Thankfully with some planning you’ll have no trouble whatsoever – thank-you again reading our blog post today though!!

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