31 Special Birthday Gift For Son Turning 8

impressive birthday gift for son turning 8

When shopping for the perfect birthday gift for son turning 8 this year, it is important that whatever you choose will challenge his growing abilities and get him outside. challenging toys can be anything from encouraging pretend play or teaching kids new skills like coding; there’s something out there just waiting – don’t settle before even looking!

Best 8th Birthday Gifts For Son That Will Surprise Him

1. Kids Edition Tablet

The parental controls on this tablet are great! You can set educational goals, limit screen time and give your kid an age limit for content.

They also cannot access social media or the internet so they won’t be tempted by pesky in-app purchases that mayparental restrictions elsewhere.

thoughtful birthday gift for son turning 8

2. Lego City Toy

This birthday gift for 8-year-old boy is perfect for any child who loves building and racing. The printed instructions are easy enough that even younger kids can use them, but there’s also an app which will help you out if your little one isn’t quite ready!

3. Kids’ Scooters

This scooter’s perfect for any child aged five to 12 years. With a sturdy ride, strong durability from thick tires that can grow with your kid as they get taller – plus adjustable length aluminum poles so you’ll be able riding side by their eighth birthday!

4. TrueBalance That Your Son Likes

The magnetic toy is a challenge for younger players because it takes some skill and patience to get the rotating discs into stacks. Our eight-year old tester immediately took up this task, but he had trouble with his first few attempts before finally succeeding!

5. Tarmak B100 Basketball Basket

The perfect gift ideas for 8-year-old boy who is a young hoops fan, this set will have him feeling like he’son top of the world.

With five different height options to choose from (2 inches up through 3-foot), your child can play at their own level and keep playing as often or infrequently depending upon how much energy is left in those legs after school!

6. Gift ideas for 8-year-old boy: Smartivity Music Machine

The Smartivity music machine is a toy like no other. But if your child has an abundance of concentration they’ll relish in the challenge!

As this DIY kit requires some assembly time from start to finish (which takes about two hours), don’t worry. Adult help will be required on occasion too; however satisfyingly rewarding when all said done…

7. ZooBooKoo Educational Football Book

Football fans of all ages will love filling their curious minds. They could follow the arrows on this cubebook to reveal stats and fun footy facts. This book will provide endless hours of entertainment.

8. Meltdown Game

Your child can use their critical thinking skills to keep the nuclear power plant safe in this game meant for tIt’s time to teach your kids about the power of critical thinking with this game!

To play, pack up some gooey cubes and have them balance on top one another in order not lose their place.

9. Hogwarts™ Fluffy Encounter Lego Set

This is one of the best 8th birthday gifts for son. The Harry Potter magic is now available to you in this exciting LEGO set. You can build a castle turret, featuring three golden heads and an exclusive minifigure of Hermione!

10. Snap Ships Gladius Building Toy

Snap Ships are a fun and interactive building toy that can be easily expanded by adding more pieces. Our testers loved the variety of designs, while parents found them sturdy enough for their younger counterparts to enjoy without worry of destruction or injury from misuse.

11. Carpool Karaoke For Son

This microphone toy transforms any car radio into an open air concert venue where everyone is welcome! Pair it up through bluetooth on mobile devices or match stations together by listening closely while tuning in music apps like Spotify.

12. Ooze Labs: Alien Slime Lab Birthday Gift

The 8 year old in your life will have a blast with thisactivity filled kit. The lab station is easy to assemble, so you don’t need any experience or knowledge of chemistry skills—they’re just waiting for some colorful fluids and gooey substances!

13. Funny Tiny Pong

A game of skill, coordination and reflexes is the best 8th birthday gift ideas for son that improves your hand-eye skills.

The goal here should be keeping that ball bouncing without letting it fall down – you’ll have more chances at winning if both parties are playing fairly! It’s great for all ages though 8+

14. BrainBolt Game

This is a great game to kill time with on a long car ride. It’s also perfect for two players who want some brain exercise!

The challenge: memorize the light sequence and follow along without breaking pattern – it’ll get tough but you’re sure not going anywhere anytime soon when playing this memory booster.

15. Last Defense! An Interesting Board Game

The fate of the world is in jeopardy, and it’s up to you as one townsperson trying to save it. You’ll need all your wits if these humans are facing off against various unnatural threats like sentient plants or space aliens who want nothing more than for us not be there anymore!

The clock’s ticking so act quickly before time runs out – every round must last 20 minutes total.

16. Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokémon is a popular card game that can be played by kids and adults alike. This three-game bundle includes instructions for how to play, so you’ll never feel lost with these rules!

It comes preprogrammed with three different decks of cards which will get any beginner started right away.

17. Paper Airplane Kit Controlled By Smartphone

Kids will love building and flying their very own paper airplane that they can control with the free app. The principles of flight, aerodynamics, lift are all teachable through this simple yet engaging project!

18. Butts Up New Electronic Game

What’s birthday gift for 8-year-old boy better than music and chairs? Music- automakers have found the perfect combo with their newest car design. A racing game where you can race against your friends or family members, scrambling to get out of someone else’s way while they try do avoid running into them!

19. Marble Circuit

The challenge is to strategically place multi-directional tiles on the board so that marbles can navigate through it in order achieve their goal!

This engages both cognitive skills as well as spacial recognition, while also teaching kids about cause & effect at an early age – what could be more perfect?

20. Bill Nye’s VR Science Amazing Kit

The world of science is one that can be really intimidating for kids. With this VR set from Bill Nye, your child will have access 50 pieces including beakers and measuring cups without ever leaving home thanks their own device.

21. Good Housekeeping Amazing Science For Kids

What would you say if I told you there is a book full of fascinating science experiments that happen right in your own home? Well, such a great birthday gift for 8-year-old boy!

The amazing team at the Good Housekeeping Institute has put together an awesome guide for budding scientists.

22. Gravitrax Starter Set

Kids will be able to create their own marble runs with this cool set that comes included more than 120 pieces. Expansion packs are also available, giving kids even crazier features!

23. Create Your Own Comic Book

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they receive a bound version of their masterpiece in four to six weeks! The Future Stan Lee Graphic novel Kit includes pre-formatted comic book pages along with tips for designing an awesome graphicnovel.

Mail this kit off, then watch as your little artist creates something that will be preserved forever – it’s like sending him or her onto victory lane after all those hours spent working hard at school every day!!

24. A Quick History of the Universe Story

The author has created an engaging and easy-to understand story that tackles one of the most complicated concepts for children: how did our universe come into being? With fun cartoons, this short read will leave your child wanting more knowledge about big bangs.

25. Digimon X – Good 8th birthday gift ideas for son

The new Digimon game from back in the day is here and it’s better than ever! Not only does this digital successor have cool quest mode, but you can reverse engineer all your old units too. I think this would be the best 8th birthday gifts for son.

26. Fun Dash Coding Robot

Dash the robot is on a mission to help kids become confident and creative programmers. With its simple design, fun voice commands that let you explore loops and more from within your own home or office space – it’s never been easier!

27. Boost Creative Toolbox Kids Love

Well, now your kids can build their very own with the help of some building blocks.

Building toys have been around for ages but this one is different because these pieces form five different figures that allow children aged 7+ years old endless opportunities when rebuilding after switching!

28. Sleuth & Solve: History Lessons

The young detective in this book uses deduction, inference and logical reasoning skills to solve the 20 mysteries contained within. These cases happen during different time periods which mean there’s also some historical lessons for you!

29. VIDIYO Robo Hiphop Car Lego

The idea of using LEGO’s new VIDYO line to film your minifigures is a great way for little ones who love videos and music.

You can use pieces called ” BeatBits” that have special effects such as costumes or backgrounds. This is one of the greatest 8th birthday gift ideas for son, I think.

30. Origami for Beginners: The Creative World of Paper Folding for Children

Get started with paper folding today! Whether you’re looking for a fun origami project or just want to learn how, this book has everything that kids need. With 40 different designs and step by step photo instructions; all they’ll have left is bringing their own sheets of recycled paper.

31. Exciting Marker Maker Set

Would you like your own set of colored markers? This kit comes with everything needed to make 16 different colors, including mixing the ink and measuring ingredients. The 8+ age range means that children as young at 3 years old can have access this awesome gift!


The birthday gift for son turning 8 will be one of the most important presents he has ever received. And while we all know that time flies by faster than ever before, there are still some memories waiting to happen in those last few years as a child.

That means it’s crucial not only for Grandma and Granpa but also ourselves adults too find out what makes our kids feel loved when they need something special or just want someone else around who cares about them!

The whole family wears a t-shirt of the same design to celebrate your son’s 8th birthday. I thought it was a good idea. What do you think about this idea? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us at 9teeshirt.

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