23 Good Birthday Gift Ideas For Son Turning 21 From Parents

good birthday gift ideas for son turning 21

What birthday gift ideas for son turning 21 should parents get? No point asking what your son wants because he won’t know himself. Instead, we have a few suggestions here for your son’s 21st birthday gift that will help you decide what to get him and leave him saying “Wow!”

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Best 21st Birthday Gifts For Son From Parents

1. Personalized glass tankard

Celebrate the big 21 with style. With his own tankard, he can enjoy a beer on his birthday in a way that’s personal and memorable. The gifts show everyone what a special day it is – without blowing the budget.

2. Custom 21st shot glasses

These extraordinary shot glasses are made from fine crystal and solid pewter, and engraved with your choice of wording on the front. Personalised by you especially for your man, there’s no other gift quite like it, making it a top quality gift he’ll cherish always.

3. Birthday gift ideas for son turning 21: Pocket watch

What’s not to love about this pocket watch? It’s stylish, it’s sentimental and can be personalised for that extra special touch.

You can even have it engraved so you don’t forget a very important date or message. This is an excellent choice for a unique gift idea he’ll remember forever.

3. Personalized card holder

Welcome him into adulthood with this exclusive personalised business card holder. Every young man needs that first special gift to hold his business cards. So he can look the part when he’s out networking with colleagues, partners, or clients.

This is also one of the best 21st birthday gifts from parents for son and will be something any professional man will want to use everyday. Your son’s name can be engraved especially on the front of this beautiful and elegant double layer holder. He will thank you for it every single time he looks at it!

4. Personalized key ring

With the biggest milestone coming up for your little boy, treat him to a gift that’ll remind him of this changing time. Perfect for his new car, office keys or the key to the front door, this will be a gift with purpose.

5. Crystal photo book – 21th birthday gift ideas for son

Is your son turning 21? We bet you have an archive of photos stored away that you have rarely been able to look at.

Now is your chance to look through these memories to find a photo memory that will make the perfect gift for your son’s 21st birthday. The lucky recipient of this wonderful gift will be able to display it prominently on their coffee table and show off to their friends and family.

6. 21st birthday wine glass

Your son is finally old enough to drink legally. Celebrate this watershed moment in his life and toast the best years of his life.

Imagine having wine or other liquor legally for the first time in a branded glass that says he’s now old enough to drink. Your son’s twentysomething’s mind will be blown away. If you want to give son 21st birthday gift that will be kept for a long time, this is it.

7. Cocktail shaker set

Most of the time, it becomes difficult for a person to decide on whether to celebrate at their own place or in a club. To host the event in person is considered cheap, but professional bartenders are expensive.

If your son wants to host his party at house party games, then the alcoholic mixology kit consisting of a useful bartender set is the perfect choice!

8. LEGO ship in a bottle building kit

Sailing into his 21st birthday, your son will surely love this ship in a bottle (when was the last time you saw someone use that phrase?)

9. Story of your name

What better way to celebrate the special day than a piece of art that showcases the history of your name! Many people, even when reaching adulthood, have little knowledge of the history of his or her name.

10. Funny happy 21st birthday toilet paper prank gift

Is there anything that makes a loved one turning 21 happier than something hilarious and thoughtful? This one of a kind toilet paper has funny images printed all over it, to distract you from the seriousness of the act. Measuring 20×12 inches, this roll is sure to last through many…uh…rolls.

11. Funny birthday T-shirt

If you really want your son to have the best time at his 21st birthday, you will be safe with this funny, thoughtful and special gift. He is bound to have a great time wearing it and being the centre of attention.

It is a pretty safe bet as these shirts are high quality and they use lasting ink that makes it long-lasting and durable. The clever message is original yet subtle enough not to be offensive.

12. Unique music box custom

Music boxes are exceptional in a way that makes it timeless and a keepsake that captures endearing memories. These adorable, little music boxes are perfect for loved ones.

It’s also a plus that it’ll be there to encourage someone to trust their own distinguishing instincts—not always easy in the world of creative endeavors, right?

13. Gun deep tissue massager

Are you looking for the perfect 21th birthday gift ideas for son – who is usually on the go? If so, chances are, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! A portable massage gun that provides a satisfying pain relief sensation.

14. Hand painted design wine glass

To say it’s eventful to turn 21 is a complete understatement. Not only can they start drinking in the U.S., they can now legally enter bars and order drinks just like their mother or father. This officially makes them an adult.

You can let them know how proud you are of them with this wine glass that is carved using beautiful hand painted designs. Crystal accents add to the appeal, making this a wine glass like no other he or she has ever seen.

15. Multi-functional wireless charging stand

How many gadgets do young adults have these days? How nice would it be to have one wireless charger stand for all of these gadgets?

You just have to place your device on this charging stand and you can charge it! The best thing is that it’s not just good for charging your devices but also serves as a phone holder adjustable both vertically and horizontally and allows for hands-free viewing!

16. Unique birthday candle

With the help of this candle for a birthday gift, this 21st birthday gifts for son from parents will surely be one of a kind. With its astrology meaning, it’s possible for the recipient to understand himself or herself better.

The premium glass is made from the best material and ensures safety in using it. On top of that, they will also be delighted by the pleasant scent coming from this remarkable candle.

17. Birthday gift ideas for son turning 21: Insulated stainless tumbler

This mug is perfect for anyone that is looking for the perfect 21th birthday gift ideas for son, or holiday gift. It is not just a normal birthday gift, it’s a gift that they will use everyday.

With the double wall and vacuum insulated interior, this tumbler is perfect for keeping hot drinks steaming and also maintaining cold beverages icy.

18. Magnetic suspension balance table lamp

Light up someone’s life with this visually eye-catching lamp which features a unique shape. A present that is truly unique, it is a one of a kind night light that has amazing magnetic spheres that you use to operate the lamp.

19. A jar of full of notes for son

Get your son 21st birthday gift that make they always cherish. A customized jar from KindNotes is an extraordinary gift which he or she can open over and over again. 

20. Weekender overnight bag

Overnight bags are practical and fashionable. I don’t think it’s a big deal to carry this while travelling around. You can put all the essentials.

It’s suitable for anyone you want to give as a present, especially to young adults who travel often or go to fitness clubs. As an experience gift, this is one of the best 21st birthday gifts from parents for son.

21. Copper mugs set

Copper mugs exudes luxury and exclusivity. They have a brilliant shine that brings an added warmth to the coldest drink you choose to pour in. Everyone will recognize the beauty of vintage copper, even if they have never worked with it before. When you see this gorgeous set, you’ll be wowed for sure!

22. Noise canceling wireless headphone

If you are looking for a pair of headphones for your son 21st birthday gift, then this is an ideal companion for relaxing and listening to music or watching your favorite audio/video programs without disturbing others.


For a 21st birthday, fabulous birthday gift ideas for son turning 21 are in order! Make sure you don’t get them something they will never use to show them how special their 21st year is and that you care about them. Imagine their reaction when receiving a giant inflatable beer glass?

There are literally hundreds of gifts listed on this website, we are sure you’ll find one for your loved one.

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