9 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her Under $50

nice valentine's day gifts for her under $50

Currently you do not have much time and money to prepare an expensive gift for him. So you want to find valentine’s day gift ideas for her under $50 for this year. But you are not good at coming up with ideas for such gifts. Then check out some of our suggestions below. Surely these ideas will not let you down. Hopefully after this article you will find a suitable gift for him.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her Under $50

1. Heart From Puzzle Pieces

The remaining pieces of the puzzle in your house are time to play their part. Just a large piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a heart to the size you want. Then glue the other pieces around the large cardboard. Simple and easy to do.

You can add a message written on the long piece of cloth attached to the center. Especially since you made it yourself, it becomes even more meaningful. She can hang it on her front door or anywhere she wants.

nice valentine's day gift ideas for her under $50

2. Message Bottle – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her Under $50

Write him 365 messages of love that he can read over the course of the next year. Every day he can open a piece of paper and read it to let him feel how much you love him. Even if you’re not around, he can still feel everything.

This gift is simple but contains a lot of your love in it. Put all those messages in a glass jar with a bow or heart and give it to that person.

best valentine's day gifts for her under $50

3. Chocolate – Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her Under $50

You know chocolate is a symbol of Valentine’s Day. So give your sweet girl a box of chocolates. You can easily buy it anywhere with the size you want. Or you can make the gift even more special with a homemade version.

It’s okay if you’re not good at this. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with the version you made yourself. Because she loves your efforts.

4. Hand Casting Kit

This kit is very popular right now. Because the work is created by both of you. You can find it easily on e-commerce sites. Let’s create this meaningful work with your woman. There will definitely be a user manual so you don’t need to worry.

Once done, the two of you can decorate them with sparkles and favorite colors. Put it in a transparent box, display it where you want.

5. Personalized Socks

You find it too boring for ordinary socks. Then design your own unique socks for valentine’s day gifts for her under $50. You can print yourself or her picture around the sock. The cost to make them is very cheap and you can make many different funny patterns. This gift is not only cheap but also funny.

6. Paper Rose Heart

You can order it at flower shops. But if you want it to be more meaningful with the DIY version. Take sheets of red craft paper and cut them in long, medium-sized pieces of paper. Roll them inward to create a simple rose.

Making different big and small flowers will be more beautiful. Finally glue them together to form a large heart shape. Valentine’s day gifts for her under 50 you can’t miss.

7. Lipstick – Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her Under 50

A regular lipstick that doesn’t make a difference, this Limited Edition pH Color Changing Lipstick comes in a shimmery pink color. It is pink in color but almost transparent.

Look at it sparkling like a crystal. It also costs only $22 so it will be the perfect choice for the valentine’s day gift ideas for her under $50 you are looking for.

8. Rose

Create a special and meaningful way of giving flowers to her. 99 red roses is the ideal gift for a flower lover. People often give flowers with the numbers 9, 99 or 999 and maybe more. Because it has a beautiful meaning in love.

Tell the florist to make a heart shape to add meaning. And you tell her that “the most beautiful flower for me is still you”. If you still have not found the right gift for your lover. Then check out our other articles at 9Teeshirt

9. High Heel Shoes

For a girl, a pair of high heels is indispensable. So it’s great to have her feet on the heels you gave her. She can take it anywhere she wants. And proudly show everyone that these high heels are from her man.

It’s like you walk the same path as you wherever she goes when she wears those shoes. Choose the most basic pair that she can wear every day.


Thank you for reading to the end of our article. Hopefully these valentine’s day gift ideas for her under $50 suggestions above will help you choose the right gifts for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully these suggestions will never be a bad choice on your Valentine’s Day. Wishing you and your boyfriend a meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day together!

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