20 Unique 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad-Good Funny

unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad-good funny

If you’re looking for unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad-good funny that are actually thoughtful, we can help you find a gift that will be perfect for when the big day arrives.

We’ve pulled together the best 60th birthday gifts out there, and taken the guesswork out of picking one. Whether it’s a little or a lot, a handmade object or something bought online, we’ve got plenty to choose from and they are all great options!

Unique 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad-Good Funny

1. Birthday Gift Box Set

Check out this unique 60th birthday gift you could give your dad. The mug, card and comb are a perfect gift for him. You can personalize the card and put your wishes inside it. This gift box is a perfect choice for someone who prefers simplicity and rusticity.

unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad-good funny

2. Necessary Travel Tool Set

Are you looking for a unique and memorable 60th birthday gift? I’ve been there. In fact, it was so bad that I finally decided to create my own list! So if you’re anything like me then this article is for you.

And don’t worry if the man in your life has never mentioned that he wanted a mini travel tool set, then give him that set as one of the good 60th birthday gift ideas for dad.

3. Pair of Socks

Give 60 years worth of laughs when you give the gift of this cheeky houndstooth box containing six pairs of adult socks. The socks are made from quality combed cotton, and a wide variety of patterns and colors so that every family member can find something to suit their unique style.

unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad-good funny

4. Wooden Box with Candle

This is a cute and fun gift for Dad on his 60th birthday. The polished wooden box with candles has an engraved plaque that reads “Happy 60th!”

5. Sporty Trainer: Unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad

Dad will love the soft cotton to help keep his feet comfortable, and the fashionable pattern will ensure he stands out at golf tournaments or business meetings.

6. Fancy Leather Sunglass Strap

Every man needs a few accessories, and this leather eyeglasses/sunglasses strap is one of them. Whether he’s your husband, father or best friend, this distinctive accessory is not only an eyeglasses holder but an elegant fashion piece he can wear with any attire, for any occasion.

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7. Electric Toothbrush

There are various types of toothbrushes. However, for our old guy, I suggest that he should purchase the best electric toothbrush. This specific type of toothbrush can deliver outstanding cleaning results. In fact, it can even instantly whiter teeth and make your smile so bright in just one week!

8. Good 60th birthday gift ideas for dad: Apron

If your dad is the kind of guy who gets an itch in his trigger finger and starts cooking up a storm, the last thing he needs is to be covered in flour.

But you aren’t going to hear any complaints once he’s trying this 100% cotton canvas fabric apron that is specifically tailored for his style. Be sure to get one for dad before he cooks up something delicious!

9. Rope Hammock

Great for the outdoorsman. The thick cotton rope is more impact-resistant than regular rope making it perfect for this sturdy hammock.

In fact, the rope’s strength will last and last even when exposed to the elements. Perfect for relaxing after a long day of fishing.

10. Fishing Bag: Funny 60th birthday ideas for dad

The best 60th birthday gifts for him: Fishing backpack.Whether it’s your father, grandfather or someone else, this fishing rod bag and metal tackle box is the ultimate gift for a true fisherman. It has an adjustable shoulder strap to help with comfort when carrying all the items needed for fishing trips.

11. Electric Coffee Maker

If your dad loves coffee, you’re probably looking for a great gift for his 60th birthday. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on something he’ll never use.

However, if you look closely at this espresso maker and what it can do, it’s actually a better deal than some of the other 60th birthday gifts out there.

Davis & Waddell Electric Espresso Coffee Maker Black DLE0073 | MYER

12. Silky Robe for Men

Your father is 60 years old and he needs a comfortable robe. If this is the reason, you should look at the silk robe to give your father on his birthday. This kind of robe is often preferred and enjoyed by the people you want to keep warm when they get older.

13. Sweet Big Cake

A fun traditional gift your dad will love this birthday could be a cake. Yes, a real cake. Cakes are a lot of things: beautiful, extravagant and thoughtful.

The best thing about having a cake for a 60th birthday gift is that it is free! If you know how to make it yourself or bake it in the oven then you’ve got the perfect gift idea to give him on his 60th birthday.

Happy 60th Cake Topper, 60 Years Anniversary Cake Topper - Leave Sweet and Happy Memory, Festival Cake Topper (Size: 4.5“ * 5.5”, Color: Black) | Wish

14. Masterclass Subscription

Looking for unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad-good funny? If you’re still struggling to think of something, how about giving him access to video classes taught by names like Gordon Ramsey and Chris Voss? 

No matter the interest or hobby he carries with him, Masterclass has a class that will entertain and perhaps incite some lifestyle change.

15. Electric Lawn Mower for Dad

Do you know what a lawn mower does? Here’s the simple answer: it cuts grass. How does it do that? By cutting down small plants and tall blades of grass through a process known as “mowing.” And the whole process is enhanced by adding a motor to said cutting device.

So let’s think about the best presents for his 60th birthday? He would love a new lawn mower from you. It’s such a thoughtful gift idea, especially if he spends all his free time already playing golf with his buddies.

6 Best Electric Lawn Mowers & Lawn Maintenance Tools (2022) - EcoWatch

16. Massage for relaxing

If your dad spends a lot of time at the office and even more time at the gym, chances are he’s in need of some serious massaging to ease those sore muscles. A mini massager is the perfect, most thoughtful gift that any dad could ask for. This funny gift makes a great birthday present.

17. Good 60th birthday gift ideas for dad: Charcoal Grill

So what’s the perfect gift for dad? The most thoughtful, humorous, sentimental and jaw-droppingly awesome birthday present is charcoal grill . It might be the most creative 60th birthday gift idea for dad. It’s the funniest birthday gift I’ve ever seen and I recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch present.

18. Unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad-good funny– Heated Razor

The best 60th birthday gift ideas for dad focus on making him feel amazing. This razor has a slew of features that will do just that. The entire set comes in an elegant gift box to make wrapping a breeze.

The razor includes replacement blades which means you don’t have to worry about keeping your dad stocked up! Your dad will enjoy this vibrating razor that gives him a relaxing shave.

Dao Cạo Râu Gillette Labs - Heated Razor (Máy Cạo Râu Làm Ấm Da Mặt) – LMART

19. Customized Glass Coffee Mug

How many coffee mugs does your dad already have? It’s time to add another one to his collection. Giving him a beautiful coffee mug as funny 60th birthday ideas for dad.

20. Golf Balls: Ideas for dad’s 60th birthday

If your dad is a golf enthusiast, it doesn’t matter how old he turns when you can always celebrate his birthday by giving him a 60th birthday gift of fitting quality. He’ll probably love it for your interest, and feel so happy that you had selected something practical: golf ball.

Inside Jon Rahm's major golf ball switch, and his fitting process


Your father is a wonderful man and he deserves your love and respect. The gift list above is unique 60th birthday gift ideas for dad-good funny. You can also find other great gifts at 9teeshirt. Hope you can choose a suitable gift for your father’s birthday.

Thank you for choosing to read my blog. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.

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