25+ Top Good Gift Ideas For Dad’s 50th Birthday

Best good gift ideas for dad's 50th birthday

Your dad’s turning 50. And you are trying to find good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday? Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you.

Good Gift Ideas For Dad’s 50th Birthday

1. Belt in a Box

For many years, you’ve respected your dad for being a great father and for all the sacrifices he’s made for you. You have also seen him struggle because of the kind of work he does, or the kind of life he leads.

But it always seems like whenever you need him, he’s there to lend an ear to what you have to say, or give you some advice that might help you. For this reason, one of the things on your mind is giving him a gift in gratitude for all that he’s done for you. One thing that comes to mind is giving him a belt.

2. Glass Cigar Gift Set

Gifts for dad aren’t always about the large, fancy, or expensive. Sometimes, a simple gift is just what he needs. This engraved pint glass, cigar cutter, and two cigar tubes are the perfect combination of tools to let dad know how much you care!

The next time he sinks into a sofa after dinner or unwraps a special gift, don’t forget to include this engraved gift set in his birthday stocking this holiday season.

special good gift ideas for dad's 50th birthday

3. Necklace for Men

A lot of times, Dad’s 50th birthday can be the toughest to shop for because you don’t want to go the typical ‘practical’ route and end up going with the same gift that you do every year.

A silver necklace would be a great choice for this occasion since it has subtle details. So, why don’t you choose a necklace as one of best gift for father’s 50th birthday.

4. Great Dad Personalized Flask

If you are planning to buy dad a gift for his 50th birthday, this one’s sure to make him happy. Have you ever thought about gifting him a long lasting, hand-crafted and customized masterpiece?

What better way to surprise him than by gifting a personalized flask for his leisure time? By customizing it with his name and favorite quote, tagline or message, it will serve as a beautiful reminder of your love and affection which he’ll cherish forever.

5. Good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday: Fancy handwritten pen

For the man who has everything, what better gift than a luxury pen? It’s not your usual run-of-the-mill birthday present.

This year, why not treat your dad to a unique and thoughtful gift he will cherish all through his days. Handwritten pen is one of the good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday that you should consider.

6. Fashionable Jacket

As every year you’re thinking of cool gifts to buy your dad on his 50th birthday. It’s a special occasion and you want to get him something he’ll like a lot. If you are looking for something more personalized as a gift, you can opt for a jacket.

It is the most functional form of clothing and will definitely be used by him often. Basically, if your father isn’t someone who would wear jackets on frequent occasions, getting him one to wear during the cold season would be a good idea.

7. Grooming Kit Set: 50th birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter

The most important times to show gratitude towards your father would be occasions when it’s his birthday or when it’s his wedding anniversary.

It might be a bit confusing to get the right gift for each of these occasions, but if your dad is one of those who dislike spending too much on grooming products, then take this opportunity to gift something really special. Buy him a gift set of grooming products from one of the luxury brands.

8. Necessary Stainless Steel Grill Set

A set of stainless-steel barbecue or grilling accessories would be a unique and appreciated gift for dad for his 50th birthday — especially since he’ll likely use them quite regularly.

The pieces come in an aluminum storage case to keep them neatly all together and it makes it convenient and nice to package up and wrap. Adding some dry rubs or marinades (and perhaps a complimentary bottle of wine) will make the gift complete.

9. Vintage Style 50th Birthday Cap

If your father enjoys wearing or collecting caps (or both), this is the best gift for father’s 50th birthday . “It took 50 years to look this fantastic!” it says on the front, with two thumbs up hands on either side of the writing. This will make him chuckle the first time he sees it and every time he wears it.

10. Men’s Personalized Fossil Watch

Your father has always been a great help to you. Now, you can return the favor in your own little way. It is important that you make him feel special on his birthday.

Every father knows the value of time. This is why watches are some of the best gift ideas for men on their birthdays. You can choose the type of watch you want depending on the occasion; business, casual and more.

11. Personalized Cutting Board

Good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday can be just as entertaining and fun as the guy you are shopping for. Be it cooking-oriented items or home accessories like cutting boards, there is no shortage of great options.

12. Relaxing 50th birthday gift ideas for dad from son: Massage Chair

Your dad has been working for over half of his life now and he’s starting to feel the effects of hard labor. He’s got aches and pains, a bad back, and can’t do all of the things he used to do at work.

All of these things and turning 50 isn’t making him feel any better or younger either. Sooooooo, get him something that will make him feel more relaxed, cared for, and younger! Basically just give him this massage chair.

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13. Personalized Family Photo

The best gift for father’s 50th birthday can give to your father is something that has a good meaning. There are many things you can think of. But let’s just focus on one of them, the family photo.

A family portrait can be so rewarding because that is where memories are formed. The photo will be there for a long time and will keep the cherished moments of your family alive.

14. Leather Shoes for Dad on his Birthday

If you could spend a little money to buy your father something really useful and practical, wouldn’t it be great? What about a pair of high quality leather boots? You can choose any style or color for your father.

However, if your father is physically active and he wants to have a stylish leather boot, the following will be one of the good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday.

15. Whiskey Soaps: Best gift for father’s 50th birthday

If your dad’s an old-fashioned kind of guy (like, literally), then give him a set of soaps for his 50th birthday. Each one smells like his favorite drink: whiskey.

One smells like whiskey itself, while the other is sweeter and has notes of caramel, cinnamon and oak. Then again, we don’t recommend that you bathe in these soaps.

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16. Coffee Machine

Looking for good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday? One of the best gifts he ever got was a new coffee maker. He said he doesn’t know what he would’ve done without that coffee maker. He needs more sleep now but I think that’s a safe gift for any 50-year-old father.

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17. Wooden Couch Arm Table

If you’re looking for the best gift for father’s 50th birthday, then if your dad has a favorite spot on the couch, then look at this way — he’s doing one better than all his friends who spread out all over their family room to watch the game. An attachable table for the couch arm or chair is not only great for drinks but also for remotes, snacks and other essentials.

18. Beard Trimmer

Since you are an intelligent and observant person, surely you have seen that many men now have beards. This trend is growing not only among athletes and famous personalities, but also among regular office guys.

When it comes to good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday, you might as well consider a beard trimmer because it will be one of the best gifts ever!

19. Leather Wallet: Good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday

Birthday is an opportunity to express your love to those you care about. A father’s birthday presents us with a very good chance to reflect and change. A wallet is always a great gift. It’s timeless, practical, and you don’t need to wait for any special occasion to give it.

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20. Meaningful Books: Such a amazing gift for dad’s birthday

Many men like reading. This can help your dad learn something new, improve his knowledge and skills. Choosing a book as one of the birthday gift ideas for dad marked with a star.

21. Small Green Plant

Is your dad a nature lover? If you have an eco-friendly daddy then don’t forget to send him a small potted plant. This small, beautiful and valuable gift says it all about how you value your daddy for who he is. It’s one of the best gifts for dad on his birthday, who is in love with natural and organic things.

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22. Unique Cotton Robe

There are many different gifts you can send your dad on his big day, but why not send him something super-soft and cozy? This luxurious robe is made with premium cotton which has a very light texture. So it will keep your dad warm throughout the season, but isn’t too much of a burden in spring and summer.

23. Best gift for father’s 50th birthday: Garment Bag

You know how every year, your dad goes on a business trip or brings his work home to get ahead and you end up sending him to the airport with whatever clothes he can fit into a basic duffel?

Now, you can change that. And, with his birthday coming up, there’s no better time to treat your dad to something special and surprising. Garment bag….

24. Beer: Drinks for birthday party

If it comes to giving gifts for dad’s 50th birthday, there can be a lot of things to consider. The aim is to give him a special gift he will really love. But what are you going to choose?

There are different types of gifts you can give your dad. One thing that your dad needs during this time is good health and happiness.

Bia thủ công là gì? Cơn sốt của các tín đồ bia hơi

25. Customized Eyeglasses

If you have a dad who has some eye problems and he wants to have better sight but he is not in such good health to go to the hospital, giving him a pair of eyeglasses as his present will be a great idea.

26. Coffee Mug: Best gifts for dad’s birthday

You know what’s the good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday? A good laugh, of course. Dad’s 50th birthday is the perfect time to give him an awesome mug that he will surely love and remember for years to come. 


Your father is a wonderful man and he deserves your love and respect. The gift list above is 25+ Top good gift ideas for dad’s 50th birthday. You can also refer to more meaningful gifts at 9teeshirt. Hope you can choose a suitable gift for your father’s birthday.

Thank you for choosing to read my blog. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.

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