Daddy 40th Birthday Gifts Ideas

daddy 40th birthday gifts

Daddy 40th Birthday Gifts Ideas will tell you meaningful gifts on the occasion of your father’s 40th birthday.

I’m sure he will be very happy to receive a gift from you. Do something unexpected and unique for him. Wish your dad a very happy birthday!

Daddy 40th Birthday Gifts Unique

1. The Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If your dad has a busy schedule like most people then he will love this nifty invention. It’s called the Breakfast Sandwich Maker and it only takes 5 minutes for a yummy breakfast sandwich.

Happy birthday father 40th

2. Endlessly Singing Prank Happy Birthday Card

Have you ever stopped and stared at the hilarious, obnoxious, or downright offensive birthday cards you can buy at the convenience store or pharmacy?

You’ve probably thought: My dad might love one of these. If your dad loves a good punk’d or Borat-style prank as much as mine does, I think he’ll be stoked to receive this $10 prank happy birthday card for his next birthday. It’ll bring a smile to his face…

3. Giant Personalized Face Pillows-Daddy 40th birthday gifts

Wanna bring your loved ones closer? Or just really looking to impress your friends? Transform their cute face into a giant personalized cushion that you’ll be able to hug and squeeze whenever you want.

4.Mid-Air Magnetic Balance Lamp-Daddy 40th birthday gifts

The mid-air magnetic balance lamp creates an eye-catching spectacle every time it comes on. The slender frame is embedded with 48 LED light beads that create an elegant light in any part of the home. It’s perfect for creating a special mood or atmosphere on any occasion.

5. Custom Wood Docking 

Is your man missing something in his life? What about an awesome dock for his stuff? That’s right, this docking station is the perfect gift for him. It’ll keep his money, keys, and phone in one spot and he will love you for it.

6. Glasses-Daddy 40th birthday gifts

A trendy pair of glasses will make your dad cooler. He will like it. It is made from durable metal and is blue light resistant. It’s great that you own it.

7. Whiskey Gift Set For Father 

We all know that your dad likes a good drink – so why not add some style to his drinking routine by gifting him this whiskey stones gift set. The wooden box is stylish, while the glasses and whiskey stones will look great in his home bar.

This is a very thoughtful way to show how much you appreciate your dad, especially if you’re not sure what kind of gift he’d like most.

8. The Comfy Blanket Sweatshirt

Have you ever been sitting there on a cold day, thinking to yourself “I wish There was more body coverage in this shirt for warmth, and less in the way of the hood that I could use for comfort.”

Well I think I have the perfect solution! It’s called COMFY! COMFY is a one-size-fits-all half-blanket half-sweatshirt that envelops almost your entire body in a warm and plush sherpa lined hoodie, and also has huge pockets!

9. Whiskey Decanter

Bring style to dad’s home bar with this elegant and distinguished whiskey decanter and globe.

This exquisite hand-blown whiskey decanter can hold up to 850ml of whiskey – or even more! – which can be poured into the two matching cocktail glasses decorated with a world map pattern.

10. 31 Piece BBQ Grill Tool Set gift for Dad

We’ve all had them…those days when suddenly we’re expected to grill a bunch of chicken in a short period of time, or prepare vegetable skewers at a moment’s notice. Or maybe you’re the ‘grill master in your life’ and want to expand your arsenal to include a variety of deli-style meats, seafood and veggies, too.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to take advantage 31-Piece BBQ Grill Tool Set because it’s an amazing value at less than $30.

11.Fishing Rod Rack gift birthday for father

When he goes fishing, the last thing dad wants to deal with is figuring out a way to carry all of his fishing rods to the lake. Now he can easily carry five fishing rods in one hand and leave his other hand free for whatever else might come up while he’s out.

12.Pressurized Craft Beer Growler Christmas gifts

If your father a beer aficionado, this pressurized craft beer growler is a must-have for the home.

It was constructed of a tough double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel and features a carbonation cap and pressure gauge so that his brew stays fresh for weeks and he can serve it up freshly carbonated right out of the tap.

13. Corkcicle Cigar Holding Glass gift for dad

Any whiskey or cigar connoisseur would appreciate the Corkcicle cigar holding glass. This handcrafted, ergonomically constructed glass has a built-in support to keep your cigar firmly in place.

14. Dad who’s into astronomy

Gift him a beginner telescope, and then join him for a tour of the night sky with an astronomy club near you. He’ll experience how exciting it is to get astro-impassioned all over again.

15. Swimming glasses

If your father is a person who loves to swim. Give him a pair of swimming goggles. It will help him enjoy swimming more. I think he will like it.

16. Personalized Whiskey

He’ll appreciate this custom decanter in his very own style. Even more, he’ll stop drinking the same whiskey all the time and experiment with multiple varieties.

Plus you can add a personalized touch (his name or nickname) to make each piece unique from the others.

17. Surfboard-Father birthday gift

I gave it to my dad for his 45th birthday. He loves using this easily inflatable skateboard and appreciates how it fits in a backpack so he can get on board from the car.

I think your Dad does too, whether he’s an experienced user or just wants to try a new water sport.

18. Pet watercolor portrait

If dad you love your pet and you want to gift your dad something that shows him how much you care. A talented artist will create a beautiful oil painting of his/her pet using watercolor.

19. Golf Gift

This portable putting green comes with a length of artificial turf, 13 golf balls, an automatic ball return, and an extension cord. I don’t know about you, but my husband would love this!

20.Apple watch-Best gift for dad

Your dad’s birthday is coming up. And giving new gadgets to loved ones is easier said than done. That’s why we put together this list of the best gifts for men.

Most people care about the Apple Watch – it’s beautiful and convenient. Get him the latest version, which boasts an always-on retina display, sleep tracking, and advanced fitness metrics.

21. Board to write down your dad’s favorite recipes

I gave my dad this gift, he had to say “WOW” because it was printed to match his handwriting. It’s his favorite recipe and it’s fun to see it every time he cooks.

22. Game console

The perfect gift for him, this handheld game console is a hot item because the demand is so high. Feels great to know he can actually find it in a birthday gift box.

23. For the Plant Lover

Your dad is a plant lover. Give him a pot of green plants. It’s fresh and he’ll be very comfortable. He will water it, take care of it whenever he has free time. He will remember you and this is a unique gift.

24. Massage chairs

Dad’s 40th birthday. You want to give that person a surprise gift. I think a massage chair is a good idea.

Your dad will take it after a stressful and tiring day. I think your mom likes it too, because both your mom and dad can lie on it.


Your dad’s 40th birthday is a very special occasion. I hope the article Daddy 40th Birthday Gifts Ideas will be a good suggestion for you. To choose the right gifts for your dad, you can visit 9teeshirt and refer to our gift collection.

I think he will like the gift you choose because it contains a lot of love from you. Have a nice day!

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