10 Best 1st Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

nice 1st valentine's day gift for girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is coming soon so you want to find 1st Valentine’s Day Gifts for girlfriend. But right now you have no idea about this gift. Then refer to our following article if you want to choose the best gift for your girlfriend. Hope some of the following suggestions will be of great help to you.

1st Valentine’s Day Gift For Girlfriend

1. Love Book

Express all your love for that special someone with this wonderful gift notebook. What better way to let her know how happy she has made your life. Describe all the happy moments she gives you in that notebook. And tell her that “hopefully next time you and I can create more happy moments together”.

2. Wireless Key Finder

There is no better or more useful gift than this wireless key finder. With a distance of 30 meters back. She can simply click buttons and hear beeps to find her keys anywhere in the house. It also penetrates walls, doors, cushions and furniture, defeating any obstacles the search may encounter.

It doesn’t have to be a key. She can hook it to any item she often forgets. 1st valentine’s day gift for girlfriend for a forgetful girl.

cute 1st valentine's day gifts for girlfriend

3. Eternal Rose

There’s nothing more romantic than a rose, and with this beautiful gold dipped rose. She’ll always remember all the love you gave her. An ordinary rose will eventually fade. But this eternal love rose will never die as it is made of glass with a gilded stem.

Roses symbolize love, and gold is associated with illumination. So this 24 karat pure gold rose symbolizes true and eternal love. There are many colors of flowers for you to choose from. But I recommend you choose roses because it symbolizes sweet love.

4. Music Box – 1st Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

If your woman has trouble falling asleep every night, a music box is essential for her to fall asleep. The soothing melodies emanating from this box put her at ease. You can even add your own personalized message on top of the box so that every time she sees it. She instantly feels all the love you have for her.

good 1st valentine's day gift for girlfriend

5. Personalized Clocks

Make her nightstand extra fun with a personalized clock. Using the best wood burning techniques. The photo is made on a thick piece of Premium Birch Plywood. And can also contain the message you want to send to her.

Just send the best photo of you and her to the producer and that image will be engraved on the wood. Surprise her with this wonderful gift.

6. Personalized 3D Painting

This Valentine’s Day, give her this personalized customized 3D photo. Remind her of that special day you took! You can also request additional with an LED base that will illuminate. And bring to life this beautiful 3D moment.

When you go to bed at night, turn it on and it will glow like a night light. It is not only sparkling but also very meaningful.

great 1st valentine's day gift for girlfriend

7. Handwritten Message

Texting by SMS is boring, so try giving her a bottle of your handwritten message to a girl who loves romance. You will write beautiful messages on small pieces of paper in each tablet. Then put it in a glass jar. This will make her feel loved at all times of the day. Even when you’re not around.

8. Rose With Necklace

1st valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend surprise her with this rose and necklace. It shows all your love and appreciation on this special day. The rose decoration above the necklace case is made of preserved fresh roses. It can be kept for three to five years without watering or management.

The lovely necklace that she loved now comes with a heart-shaped card. If you still have not found the right gift for your lover. Then check out our other articles at 9Teeshirt

9. Rose Bear – 1st Valentine’s Day Gift For Girlfriend

This romantic rose bear is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. The bear is made of 100% rose flowers and is housed in a transparent box. This bear is sure to bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face, reminding her how much you love her.

10. Hand – Made Couple Set

The hand-molded couple set is a great way to capture the magical moment between you and your special someone. You just have to follow the instructions. The end result will leave her gaping. This kit allows the two of you to create your own figurine while holding hands.

You can easily buy it on e-commerce sites because it is very popular nowadays. After completing the work, you can completely decorate or color it as you like.


Thank you for reading to the end of our article. Hopefully the above 1st valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend suggestions will help you choose the right gifts for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully these suggestions will never be a bad choice on your Valentine’s Day. Wishing you both a meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day together!

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